Wall Control is a 5-Star Rated Pegboard Tool Storage System


Below are a few Testimonials regarding Wall Control and our high quality product line. Don't just look here though, also be sure to check out all of the great Wall Control product reviews across our website as well as our retailer's websites.

Wall Control is a very high quality product and comes very well reviewed



"Not only do you seem to have a terrific product, but you run your business honorably! Quite rare today!"

D.B. New York, NY



"Talk about fast delivery!!! Looks like this system will do what we need. Glad I saw y’alls add in a magazine"

M.G. Charlotte, NC



"I love your panels, what a great idea and they’re so much less expensive than other garage organizer solutions. I can tell they are quite durable, so I will purchase more as I redo more of my garage"

S.F. Pittsburgh, PA



"…the quality appears really good and installation was easy!"

M.H. Clinton Township, MI



"…your product is just what we’ve been looking to use on our project"

C.C. Boulder, CO



"You guys are great! We showed our's to a friend who will be placing an order for his computer repair shop soon"

J.M St. Helena, SC



"Thank you SO very much for your superb verbal description skills and your willingness to help me. I will recommend Wall Control to everyone I know!!!"

S.G. Kissimmee, FL



"I received the wall panel kit. It is really sharp….I plan to trim it out with oak to match the rest of my garage"

J.K. Mansfield, OH



"I have another old pegboard that I am planning to replace with your stuff. Then I will have a show case to demonstrate how great your product is"

D.T. Spencer, NY



"The package came great! I really thought it was packaged well! As for the product, I really like the functionality, ease of mounting and strength of the pegboard" 

P.S. Toronto, CA



"Great product! Love it!"

D.B. Tuscola, IL



"I cannot begin to tell you how touched I am....You are a very rare entity in today's world and we will definitely be doing lots more business with you"

Sharon S, North Yorkshire, UK



"Thank you for your personal contact and concern... It is reassuring to encounter true customer-driven service"

Kathi A, Dallas, TX



"Man, you guys are fast! Thanks for the great service. I finished putting up my wall panels last night...They were pretty easy to install. It's much better than the old fiberboard stuff I used to use"

Mark G, Goodrich, MI



"I followed your directions and was able to successfully install the wall unit. I really appreciate not only the product but the customer service. Your e-mail and instructions were professional, prompt and courteous. I will certainly be sure to purchase other products from your company and recommend it to others. 
Thanks again"

Carolyn W.