Wall Control metal pegboard panels and slotted tool board panels are first in class when it comes to pegboard tool storage and organization. Wall Control pegboard separates itself from the competition by being superior in durability, strength, versatility, ease of installation, and appearance. Not only do Wall Control pegboard panels offer superior pegboard tool storage, but these pegboards provide this at a great value. By the time you went to the store and purchased all of the framework, hardware, and supplies needed to hang ugly, old masonite or plastic pegboard sheets you probably would have been finished with your Wall Control pegboard installation and likely even spent less money because everything you need is right in the box. On top of these conveniences, with Wall Control metal pegboard you will have a pegboard that is designed and guaranteed to last a lifetime so it will never need replacing.

These attractive, and scratch resistant, pegboard panels works great in the garage, shop, kitchen, office, closet, or craft room. Thanks to the Wall Control pegboard modular design, you can expand your storage area as time and budget allow. These pegboard panels are great individually or used in conjunction with pre-packaged value kits if you just need a few extra panels to complete an area.

Wall Control Metal Pegboard Panels are Made in USA