How-To Guides

How to attach and remove wall control pegboard accessories

Wall Control's slotted accessories will only work on Wall Control's Metal Pegboard. Our Slotted Tool Board hooks and attachments offer a unique “double offset” design. This prevents the attachments from unintentionally falling out of the panel, yet still allows for easy movement from slot to slot. The animations below illustrate how to properly attach and detach Wall Control's slotted accessories.


Click Here if you cannot see the single slot attachment process or Click Here if you cannot see the double slot attachment process.

How to adjust the stabilizing tabs on wall control peg board hooks

Wall Control's Metal Slotted Peg Board Hooks may be slightly loose upon arrival due to open stabilizing tab tolerances designed to accommodate all panel and hook finish thickness combinations. Simply put, a galvanized panel with behave differently compared to a white panel, since there is no paint on the galvanized pegboard. In the event one of your Accessories or Hooks is loose, please follow the below instructions to safely adjust your Stabilizing Tabs to your preference given your panel and hook finish thicknesses. Adjustment of your stabilizing tabs is not a necessity, it is purely based upon your preference.

Gun Wall Rack - Firearm storage guide

Visit Gun Pegboard For Best Firearm Storage Solutions

Gun Pegboard Firearm Storage Systems

Wall Control Gun Rack With Rubber Coated Hooks

Be the envy of your friends at the gun range with a Wall Control tactical firearm storage system. Wall Control tactical firearm storage solutions offers a perfect modular tactical organizer for your collection of guns. We have all sorts of solutions for gun rack organization because there is definitely more than one way to accomplish any task with our system, as gun collections vary from person to person and manufacturer to manufacturer. While this is a great gun range storage solution, it can be used for any sort of firearm storage. With the addition of rubber coated gun hooks to your gun closet, Wall Control pegboard is the perfect solution for your firearm storage needs.

Popular Firearm and Gun Storage Accessories

Here are a few of our gun storage products that are among the more popular accessories for gun racks and tactical firearm organization:

rubber coating pegboard hooks

Wall Control Hooks & Accessories are powder coated and already offer a durable and attractive finish, but if you want to prevent metal contact with what you're storing, here are some DIY solutions for rubber coating Wall Control metal pegboard hooks and pegs is easy to do.

Using these rubber sleeves, we can achieve an easy way to prevent potential scuffs. They can be cut-to-fit and are reasonably flexible. Visit our Add-Ons page to purchase these rubber liners for your Wall Control Accessories.

Rubber Lined Accessories

handle holder bungee cord guide

See how to attach a looped bungee cord featuring a ball or pull tab to your Wall Control Pegboard Handle Holder Bracket. This process can be done for either the 2in (10-HH-3050) or 1-1/4in (10-HH-2050) Handle Holder Brackets.

Bungee Ball Cord Guide

Pegboard Video Game Storage Guide

Wall Control Ultimate Gaming Setup

Wall Control Slotted Metal Pegboard is perfect for any storage solution needs and whether you're a woodworker or gamer [or both ;D] there is no limit to what you can do! In this guide we will cover storing/displaying consoles and PC's along with peripherals. Additionally we have an in-depth video guide from one of our Brand Ambassadors, Game Dave, on how he stores his vast Video Game Collection!

shadow mark tape guide

Shadow Mark Tape

Customizable Tool Silhouette Shadow Board Tape helps mark where each tool belongs on your pegboard so when things get a little messy you can clean up quickly and easily. The roll of tape is like a big sticker. Simply trace out your tool on the back of the roll and cut the shape out. Then peel off the backing and stick the shape to your panel in the location you would like the item stored.

How To Add RGB Lights To Metal Pegboard

How To Add RGB Lights To Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Make your Wall Control Metal Pegboard setup stand out against the rest of your friends' tool storage systems! Mount RGB Light Strips to your Wall Control Slotted Metal Pegboard using Magnetic Tape and RGB Connectors to give it a unique look and add to its modular style!

How To make a lego wall

Mother Daughter Projects' Lego Wall

Mother Daughter Projects is a long-time Brand Ambassador of Wall Control and has created another fantastic guide on storage solutions with Wall Control Metal Pegboard! This time around they created an amazing Lego room for storing and displaying Legos! This setup is the perfect storage and display solution for any Lego room! For an in depth guide and how-to video/tour check out the how-to guide!

How to Mount a Computer Monitor to Pegboard

The Universal Bracket can be utilized for countless situations, here is a perfect example of the capabilities the Universal Bracket has to offer. Simply using a Wall Control Universal Bracket and a common wall-mounted computer monitor arm we were able to mount a monitor to our pegboard panels.

Pegboard Computer Monitor Arm Mount Installation

How To Mount an Outlet Rail To Pegboard

Outlet Mounted To Pegboard

Have plenty of room to plug in tools, chargers, lights, and everything else! The outlet rail featured in this How-To is a 4 foot power strip with 12 outlets and a 6 foot long cord that will keep you plugged in. The outlet strip comes with 2 fasteners that snap onto an 8 inch Accessory Hanger (10-AH-00810-AH-008) placed at each end of the strip. This method allows the outlet strip to be easily moved and eliminates the need for any drilling.

round Peg hole hook guide

Peg Hooks On Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Wall Control Metal Pegboard Panels are designed to universally work with 1/4" peg hooks. However, not all peg hooks are created equal. Peg hooks vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and hook to hook, therefore it is difficult to claim that all peg hooks work on our panels without physically testing them ourselves. 1/8" peg hooks do not work well with Wall Control Metal Pegboard. After experimenting with different brands of peg hooks, we have found that 1/4" peg hooks from the following brands work better with Wall Control Metal Pegboards than hooks from other brands we've experimented with. Disclaimer, at the end of the day these are still just round pegs in pegboard which is why we recommend our own, more secure, slotted hooks and accessories but we do understand sometimes round pegs are simply a better fit either based on budget or application:


In the process we also found that 1/4" peg hooks from the following brands are NOT good to use with Wall Control Metal Pegboard:


Please feel free to contact us if you have found other brands that either work or do not work with our pegboard.

Do PEGITZ work with Wall Control?

PEGITZ On Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Yes! If you find that your traditional 1/4" peg hooks are loose on your Wall Control Pegboard Panel, then use PEGITZ. We have heard through customer feedback that the PEGITZ rubber 1/4" peg locks will work well with Wall Control Pegboard Panels that feature the traditional 1/4" peg hole design. These are not required in order to use traditional peg hooks on Wall Control Pegboard Panels. Again, we recommend our own, more secure, slotted hooks and accessories but we do understand sometimes round pegs are simply a better fit either based on budget or application.

Mounting screw Hole Plugs

Pegboard Mounting Screw Hole Plugs

If you are looking to cover the mounting holes of your Wall Control Metal Pegboard, visit our Add-Ons page to find the 1/2" hole plugs that work well with Wall Control Metal Pegboard. These Plastic caps are a great solution for those looking to cover up the mounting screw holes on their Wall Control pegboard. The plugs simply insert into the mounting holes that are around the edges of the metal pegboard panels. All you have to do is pop them in!

Pegboard Buyers Guide

Unlock the secrets of Wall Control's pegboard mastery with our ultimate guide. Whether you're looking to transform your Home & Kitchen into a chic organizational haven, streamline your Garage & Tool workspace, or elevate efficiency in Industrial settings, we've got the insights for you. Dive deep into tailored solutions that harmoniously blend aesthetics, function, and durability across diverse environments. Revolutionize your spaces with our comprehensive guide.

Cubicle Mounting Guide

Cubicle Mounting Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to add extra storage and style to cubicle walls using Wall Control pegboard with adjustable cubicle hanging hooks. Ideal for organizing a variety of office supplies and tools, the pegboard system transforms a plain cubicle into a more functional and personalized workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

do i need special tools to install wall control pegboard?

The only tools you'll need to install Wall Control metal pegboards are a drill, a level, and maybe a screwdriver and hammer for tapping in drywall anchors. No framework is required so very little "DIY" is necessary. If you've ever hung a picture on a wall, you can hang Wall Control pegboard too, it is just that easy. Just attach the pegboard to the wall and you're all set. The patented 3/4-inch formed mounting flange spaces the Wall Control Pegboard from the wall. The mounting holes are on standard 16-inch stud center spacing alignment, so you simply mount the panel directly into the studs with the mounting screws provided. Align the edge of the panel with the center-line of the stud and you'll be all set and can share studs all the way down the wall if the studs are 16-inch on-center. If they are not, no problem, just use the included drywall anchors. Wall Control Pegboard will mount to any flat surface, but if attachment is not directly into wall studs or secure drywall, we recommended that you consult with your local hardware representative for proper fastener selection as your application might call for hardware that is not included with the pegboard. For more information and some helpful how-to videos, please refer to our Installation Page.

can i use my pegboard hangers on wall control pegboard?

Peg Hooks On Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Yes. Most of our panels are offered in a "combo" style which will accommodate standard 1/4-inch diameter traditional pegboard style hooks as well as our patented slotted pegboard "double offset" style hooks and brackets. Unlike traditional pegboard the openings in our steel panels will not fray or elongate over time.

Can I use PEGITZ on Wall Control Pegboard?

PEGITZ On Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Yes! If you find that your traditional 1/4" peg hooks are loose on your Wall Control Pegboard Panel, then use PEGITZ. We have heard through customer feedback that the PEGITZ rubber 1/4" peg locks will work well with Wall Control Pegboard Panels that feature the traditional 1/4" peg hole design. These are not required in order to use traditional peg hooks on Wall Control Pegboard Panels. We will always recommend our own, more secure, slotted hooks and accessories but we do understand sometimes round pegs are simply a better fit either based on budget or application.

Can I Use Wall Control Where It Might Get Wet?

Outdoor Pegboard

The Wall Control Pegboard features a baked-on powder coat finish that resists rust when exposed to moisture. Unlike traditional pegboard, it will not "swell" or "warp" due to humidity or moisture so it is ideal for garages, workshops, laundry rooms, barns and boat houses.

can wall control pegboard be used for more than hand tools in the garage?

Kitchen Pegboard

Absolutely! Wall Control Pegboard was designed to be both versatile and attractive. It is suitable for use anywhere that wall storage, display or organization is required; laundry rooms, play rooms, kitchens, sewing rooms, hobby rooms, attics, closets, offices, retail stores and warehouses. Please refer to our social media accounts to see what creative ideas people have come up with to use their Wall Control for and hopefully come up with some yourself!

Mounting Hardware Included Doesn't Work For My Application, What Now?

We apologize the included hardware will not work with your installation. Feel free to use any mounting hardware you need to mount into your application safely. The screws and anchors are only provided as a convenience if they happen to work (most pegboard companies provide no mounting hardware for this very reason, as it is tough to guess what substrate each and every customer would be going into (straight into studs, drywall of varying thicknesses, cement, concrete block basement walls, plaster, steel studs, etc.). If you cannot use them, feel free to discard of them or save them and perhaps use them on a future project where they could be helpful.

How Much Weight Can My Pegboard Support?

Heavy Duty Pegboard

Specific weight capacities depend upon quality of installation, substrate installed into, bracket or hook selection, weight distribution, actual load centers, and a whole host of other variables which make advertising specific and idealistic laboratory load ratings potentially misleading (be cautious of any brand that does this because this sort of advertising can be dangerous). That being said, our panels and brackets can hold a lot of weight when properly installed and used correctly. We offer panels, brackets, and shelves rigid and strong enough to support most heavy common storage items such as bicycles, ladders, sledge hammers and ironing boards just to name a few common applications.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are installing into traditional drywall and using the included drywall anchors, our “recommendation” would be no more than 100 LBS per panel (200 LBS per panel into studs or similar), no more than 10-20 LBS per shelf assembly with evenly distributed weight, no more than 2 LBS per plastic bin, no more than 10-15 LBS per hook that engages in 2 slots, and no more than 5-10 LBS per hook that engages in a single slot. All recommendations assume properly installed panels, weight relatively evenly distributed across the panel face, as well as weight situated at the base of each hook or shelf as opposed to the tip. While we cannot guarantee any particular install done by individuals or 3rd parties we are happy to assist if you have a specific application that concerns you, contact us at or on our Contact Us page and we will be glad to assist you.

what makes wall control the best pegboard?

Wall Control lasts a lifetime, it does not warp or crumble over time - unlike wood / masonite pegboard, slatwall panels, or even plastic pegboard. The heavy duty construction of Wall Control Slotted Panels & Accessories surpasses all other pegboard or slatwall storage options, and at an affordable price.

What is The Best Pegboard?
Nothing comes close to the Durability, Versatility, Stability, and Appearance that Wall Control Pegboard offers.

Why is Wall Control Pegboard Superior to Traditional Pegboard?

Our panel is made from 20 gauge steel. It has a scratch resistant baked-on powder coat finish. Unlike traditional pegboard, Wall Control Pegboard is moisture resistant and will not swell or warp and the openings in the face of the panel will not fray or enlarge from repeated use.
A wide assortment of hooks, brackets, shelves and bins are available for this system. All of the hooks, brackets and shelves are steel, powder coated components. These components all move easily from slot to slot allowing your system to change as your storage needs change. With our "Combo" panels standard traditional pegboard style hooks may be used along with our patented Wall Control "double offset" style accessories.
The slot face design and stabilizing tabs on larger brackets secure your stored items better than traditional "round hole" design hooks and brackets. In addition, the "double offset" design on all our components dramatically reduces the possibility of unintentional hook disengagement when the stored item is removed. Don't you just hate when the hook comes out with the tool?
Attractive Appearance.
Wall Control Pegboards' powder coated or galvanized finishes are not just durable, but they are also highly attractive. Wall Control peg boards are available in (10) different color choices, Wall Control slotted pegboard accessories are available in (4) different color choices. Create a custom looking workspace by mixing and matching panel and accessory colors. Wall Control panels and attachments easily wipe clean with a damp rag so they keep their "new" appearance for years.
Ease of Installation.
The 3/4-inch flange on the Wall Control Pegboard eliminates the need for any supporting framework and the mounting hole positions align with standard 16-inch stud centers. The modular design of the standard 16-inch x 32-inch panels make it convenient to handle. So in just a matter of minutes your new Wall Control Pegboard is installed and ready for use!

how fast will I get my Pegboard order?

Wall Control Truck at Wall Control Atlanta Distribution Center

Orders from typically ship out within 1-3 business days from our Atlanta Georgia USA Fulfillment Center, at that time you will receive an automated tracking notification email from with your carrier Tracking Number. You can then track your order’s transit with greater detail and see an estimated delivery date. Please be sure to 'safelist' with your email provider as these automated emails often get caught in Spam Folders.

how are wall control pegboards and accessories shipped?

Wall Control Shipping Methods

If your order is over 1 LB, it will likely ship via UPS or FedEx Ground. If your order is under 1 LB, it will likely ship via USPS. Currently, orders over $50 qualify for our FREE Shipping promotion. As a manufacturer, Wall Control only offers Ground and Standard shipment speeds. If you are in urgent need of Wall Control products, we recommend purchasing through a retailer who can often offer expedited shipping at a reasonable cost.

What Payment types Are Accepted?

Wall Control Payment Methods

All major Credit Cards as well as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are accepted. We do not accept Check or Cash for direct purchases and do not extend Net 30 Terms outside of our wholesale distribution.