Cubicle Partition Pegboard Mounting Guide

Add extra storage and style to boring cubicle walls by adding Wall Control pegboard! Use the cubicle hanging hooks to mount and hang pegboard. The Hooks are adjustable to fit different widths and brands of cubicle walls. They tighten down to create a secure attachment for the Pegboard Panel. 

Overview of items included from Amazon listing:

Overview of items

Step 1:

Start by swapping the included long screws for the ones pre-installed on the long end of the Cubicle Hook. This will be where the pegboard is mounted.

Swap The Screws

Step 2:

Next, assemble the hook, hand tightening the screws. As seen at the bottom of the image, leave enough room for inserting the screws into the pegboard.

Assemble The Hangers

Step 3:

To fit the screw inside, place on the bottom part of the mounting hole, applying slight pressure to keep it in place.

Press The Screw Against The Bottom

Then rotate upwards to get the screw inside of the mounting hole.

Rotate The Screw

Step 4:

Mount the hooks to desired location.

Mount To Your Cubicle

Squeeze both ends and tighten the top screw with a screwdriver to ensure strength and stability.

Squeeze Both Ends Together and Tighten Screw

Tighten the screw in the mounting hole with a screwdriver, but leave enough room for the panel to easily sit on the screw.

Tighten The Screws

And done!


*Please note that this is not rated to hold the same amount of weight as our traditional mounting method*