Brand Ambassadors

Meet the Wall Control Brand Ambassadors.
This growing community of shakers, movers and influencers across various trades all use Wall Control pegboard products day in and day out in their own shops and workspaces. From woodworkers to crafters to DIY home fix-it personalities, these individuals know how to get things done and trust Wall Control peg boards with their own tools. Wall Control's Brand Ambassadors produce some fantastic content and are always up to something awesome so be sure to check them out, give them a follow, and feel free to interact with them on social media.

  • Lazy Guy DIY

    Lazy Guy DIY

    Think custom woodworker and tool reviewer with a healthy serving of sarcasm, Adam brings a laid back approach to all things DIY that's a fun journey no matter what your skill level. Adam heads up our ambassador team and leads the charge on our Instagram Channel.

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  • Shanty2Chic


    Meet sisters Ashley & Whitney from Shanty2Chic and hosts of HGTV’s Open Concept, two self-taught power tool wielding DIY queens, on a mission to create beautiful and affordable furniture, turning houses into homes and sharing their journey online to inspire others.

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  • Shanty2Chic

    Ask the Builder

    Tim Carter is the founder of and a longtime friend of Wall Control. He was a hands-on builder/remodeler for 20+ years before he started to build online using electrons. Tim gave Wall Control a boost years ago after meeting us at the National Hardware Show.

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  • Making Pretty Spaces

    Making Pretty Spaces

    Jennifer is the brains behind "Making Pretty Spaces." She aims to teach & inspire women to pick up a power tool and create a space they love. She created Making Pretty Spaces out of a love for DIY - but also a love for teaching. Follow along with Jennifer to see how fun DIY can be!

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  • 3x3 Custom

    3x3 Custom

    Tamar is a mother of 3 with a passion for woodworking. She is self-taught and continues to learn through building whatever she needs. Whether it’s a small cutting board or a large bed build, she shares what she learned along the way on Instagram and YouTube.

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  • Ginger Woodworks Renovation Hunters

    Ginger Woodworks

    Our Ginger to the North, Rob is a Social Worker by day and Superhero Influencer by night. Rob is also on the cast of the Renovation Hunters TV Show. Always looking out for the little guy, Rob has a passion for woodworking projects and making content available for all skill levels.

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  • Wood Brew

    Wood Brew

    Dylan & Molly are a woodworking power couple taking the maker industry by storm. With innovative furniture builds, modern retail space designs and a customized "Wood Brew" conversion van under their belts this couple is just getting started on their climb to the top.

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  • Jonny Rocker

    Jonny Rocker

    Jonny is our resident "rock star" on the Wall Control Brand Ambassador team. Part artist and part carpenter, Jonny's best known for his custom-made Hellsing Furniture line that has an awesome modern take on Gothic design.

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  • The House of Timber

    The House of Timber

    Meet Lizzy from The House of Timber. Lizzy spends her days passionately handcrafting specialty logo signs and squeezing in a few furniture builds when she can. Lizzy is living and loving that Maker life she's built and rocking it on Instagram so check her out.

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  • Mikey the Maker

    Mikey the Maker

    From marketer to maker and everything in between Mikey the Maker does it all. Mikey picked up a cordless saw for Christmas not too long ago and a skilled maker was born. Follow what Mikey is making on YouTube and Instagram.

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  • DIY For Homeowners

    DIY For Homeowners

    The dynamic duo of Vicki (Mother) and Steph (Daughter) are a pair of fearless DIY'ers that tackle anything from crafting, to at home tech to woodworking projects. The fun never stops with these two who are always moving on to the next big project.

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  • Garage Gym Lab

    Garage Gym Lab

    Adam owns Garage Gym Lab, a company committed to helping people grow their home gyms and buy fitness equipment with confidence. As a long time user of Wall Control, Adam’s found no better way to organize fitness accessories.

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  • Shes The Carpenter

    Shes The Carpenter

    Ashley from Shes The Carpenter found her passion in DIY Woodworking and has never looked back. From dining tables to epoxy resin, she does it all. With her business and blog she has fallen in love with woodworking.

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  • Evan & Katelyn

    Evan & Katelyn

    Captains of zest on the Wall Control Brand Ambassador Team are the husband and wife duo of Evan & Katelyn. These two are as fun of a follow as you'll find and they tackle it all from woodworking to home décor and everything in between.

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  • RoamR


    What do you get when fusing family, off-roading, overlanding, firearms, camping, outdoors and adventure rig travel into a content cornucopia of vehicle accessed recreation? You get Tony and Troy's very cool creation that is RoamR.

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  • Foureyes Furniture

    Foureyes Furniture

    Meet Chris from Foureyes Furniture, designer and maker of custom furniture with Mid Century Modern flair and a great user of color. Chris produces amazing YouTube videos that are as soothing as they are informative. Check him out!

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  • Mullen Woodworks

    Mullen Woodworks

    Surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of northern Utah, Jesse is a craftsman that takes his inspiration from the area around him and brings out the beauty in the natural materials he works with in his workshop.

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  • At Charlotte's House

    At Charlotte's House

    A designer, podcaster and wrangler of 5 kids, Charlotte literally does it all. Our resident decor expert has a great eye for color and a style that you might recognize from some of your favorite design shows.

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  • The Awesome Orange

    The Awesome Orange

    You'll be out of luck if you try to describe Sadie Mae without bringing up the word "Awesome". With plenty of personality to spare, Sadie is a custom furniture builder with a great eye for flair, especially with a touch of Orange.

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  • Myers Woodshop

    Myers Woodshop

    Ben is a husband, father, and woodworker originally from Pennsylvania but now resides in Arkansas and has a passion for woodworking, specializing in custom wood décor, furniture, colored pencil bowls and is an influencer on the custom woodworking scene.

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  • Penalty Box Woodshop

    Penalty Box Woodshop

    One day, Jesse turned his garage into a woodshop and Penalty Box Woodshop was born. Jesse's motto is "learn to build it, build it, teach someone to build it" which he does on Instagram and YouTube for a wide range of Woodworking and DIY projects.

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  • Southern Ginger Workshop

    Southern Ginger Workshop

    Our Ginger in the South, Zach is guy that knows his tech and is staple part of the Southern Woodworking Community. Whether he's firing up his CNC for a project or working on his custom tear drop trailer, Zach is a content creator that can do it all!

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  • Charlie & Crew

    Charlie & Crew

    Danny is the co-owner of Charlie & Crew with his wife Samantha and is dad to two kiddos, Charlie (recognize the name?) and Meredith. Danny is a skilled woodworker and a rising influencer on the maker scene.

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  • Anika’s DIY Life

    Anika's DIY Life

    Having only ever held a hammer and screw driver at the start, Anika discovered woodworking and hasn’t looked back. When she is not out on adventures with her 2 kids, she loves building furniture and adding her own colorful twists to them.

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  • DeMadera Custom Woodworking

    DeMadera Custom Woodworking

    Based out of Austin, Texas, Juan is a custom woodworker with one of the best mustaches in the business. Crafts and custom builds are only part of the story here when funny guy Juan's sense of humor takes stage on his channel.

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  • Uncommon Outpost

    Uncommon Outpost

    Stephanie is an artist, maker, & lifelong collector of hobbies. While she juggles all of her ongoing projects, she's also managing supply chain & powder coating panels at Wall Control! Check her Instagram for behind the scenes at Wall Control!

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  • Grace Monroe Home

    Grace Monroe Home

    Meet Sherry Buckner and Amanda Cleckler, owners, and mother-daughter design team, at Grace Monroe Home and Design With The Pros Club. They have a passion for “making the ordinary front door, EXTRAordinary!” Check them out!

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  • Game Dave

    Game Dave

    As a long time connoisseur of all things video games, Game Dave is passionate about retro, old school, import, and modern video games. His love shows no bounds for video games and he especially loves to share his experiences with video games.

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  • Love & Renovations

    Love & Renovations

    Corey & Amanda Hendrix are the bloggers behind Love & Renovations - serving up DIY, home decor ideas, and a fair amount of rambling. Their mission is to teach folks that you don't have to be a pro to tackle DIY projects and make your home beautiful.

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  • Raechal Woodworks

    Raechal Woodworks

    Raechal from Raechal Woodworks is not only an avid DIYer, Woodworker, and Maker but she is also the creator of the Makers Challenge Central. We're proud to have Raechal and that sweet Texas flag themed Wall Control pegboard setup on the team.

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  • Oak Hill Millworks

    Oak Hill Millworks

    Christy from Oak Hill Millworks is an ex-cardiac nurse turned small business owner. She finds joy in being creative which helped her laser design company blossum when she started DIY projects. Follow along to see her creative & educational content!

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  • WorleyFab


    Kyle at WorleyFab is a 3rd generation woodworker and was first inspired to try his hand at woodworking after visiting his grandfather’s shop as a child. Get to know Kyle during his Saturday morning "Coffee with Kyle" segments on Instagram.

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  • Milwaukee Tool Addict

    Milwaukee Tool Addict

    Meet Dan, Electrician by trade, DIY'er by hobby, and an addiction to quailty tools with a passion for organization. Follow along with Dan as he expands his collection and for the latest Milwaukee tools and PackOut Accessories on his Instagram.

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  • Her Tool Belt

    Her Tool Belt

    Amy from Hertoolbelt is a Mom of 3, Engineer and a Woodworker when she can sneak away. Amy loves creating build plans for woodworking projects and tinkering around on home improvement projects. She shares the free build plans on her site.

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  • Lumberjack'D Wood Design

    Lumberjack'D Wood Design

    Tom from Lumberjack'D Wood Design is from Buffalo, NY. Physical Education Teacher by day… husband, daddy and woodworker by night. From home remodel projects to farmhouse furniture and scroll saw hand-cut signs, Tom does it all.

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  • Pink Soul Studios

    Pink Soul Studios

    Alma from Pink Soul Studios in Chicagoland is about as fun as they come, and she knows how to build! Alma is a custom woodworker and skilled 'maker of things' who fittingly uses Pink Wall Control Pegboards to hold her tools.

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  • Woodshop Diaries

    Woodshop Diaries

    Shara from Woodshop Diaries works in a manufacturing facility by day and the woodshop by night. She loves to build furniture but can do it all from small builds to complete home renovations. Follow along with her DIY journey on Instagram.

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  • TriStar Tables

    TriStar Tables

    Meet Ryan, a husband, a father, and an Army veteran. With no previous building experience, he founded his side business, TriStar Tables, based out of Nashville, Tennessee, after discovering a passion for custom woodworking.

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  • Two Moose Design

    Two Moose Design

    Jef & Jess have been full-time woodworkers since 2016 when what started as a simple Etsy store began to take off and a thriving business was born. Two Moose Design focuses on ottoman trays, clocks and is a great follow on Instagram.

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  • Tool Girl's Garage

    Tool Girl's Garage

    Sarah, co-host of Murder House Flip, was raised with a power tool in hand and passion for building. Through tool reviews and sharing woodworking and home improvement projects she is able to share her enthusiasm and experience for working with tools.

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  • Walker & Wood

    Walker & Wood

    Derek from Walker & Wood hails from a small North West town in Ireland and moved to Nashville TN in 2013. Derek does it all and got his start as a skilled woodworker at the age of 9 following his granddad around in his garage.

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  • Crow Creek Designs

    Crow Creek Designs

    Jess is based in Alaska after moving there from Massachusetts at an early age. She loves adding art anywhere she can both as a woodworker and in her everyday life. Jess has a passion for showing others that they're artists too.

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  • Cam's Corner Shop

    Cam's Corner Shop

    Cameron has already clocked more shop time than most adults! He works out of his Dad’s shop keeping the craft alive and specializes in making skateboards, cutting boards, 3D printing and turning custom creations on the lathe.

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  • Fulton Fine Woodworks

    Fulton Fine Woodworks

    Ronnie made the jump from IT professional to full time woodworker 10 years ago and never looked back. He quickly outgrew the basement and now operates a 2,500 sq ft cabinet & CNC shop surrounded by horse farms and distilleries.

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  • Annie's Woodworks

    Annie's Woodworks

    The heart and desire behind Annie’s Woodworks is young Annalee Stevens. Her woodworking passion began at just 11 years old, when she wanted to hand make a Christmas present for her grandmother and she never looked back.

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  • Shelby Hahn - 500 Turns

    Shelby Hahn - 500 Turns

    After failing to become a ninja, Shelby Hahn from 500 Turns became the next best thing, a family physician and woodworking philanthropist turning everything from ornaments to baby rattles on a lathe to benefit foster care organizations.

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  • Glam Farmhouse Woodworking

    Glam Farmhouse Woodworking

    Ex-Division 1 Athlete turned Woodworker, Christina found her passion one night in the garage after coming home from a corporate job. Completely self-taught, her goal is to help and inspire other girls and women succeed in the industry.

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  • Urban Arbor Designs

    Urban Arbor Designs

    Dusti and Ryan started out their woodworing careers re-purposing furniture and quickly found their passion was building furniture. They reside in Oahu, thanks to Ryan's job with the United States Coast Guard, where they continue to pursue their passion.

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  • Bring Your Own Tools - BYOT

    Bring Your Own Tools - BYOT

    Brent has always been a builder and creator at heart. After furthering his DIY skills from other YouTubers, he decided to return the favor and started Bring Your Own Tools - BYOT. Where he continues to follow his passion while helping others along the way.

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  • Bevelish Creations

    Bevelish Creations

    Alex picked up his first power tool in 2017 to build something for his home out of necessity and a passion and talent were discovered. Bevelish Creations now shares, teaches, and inspires more people to make things with their hands.

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  • Hearth Home Designs

    Hearth Home Designs

    Sara is living the dream having gone from a corporate dropout and former part-time hobbyist to a self-taught fulltime woodworker, CNC machinist, laser operator and business owner in just 3 years. Follow her journey on Instagram.

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  • Woodshop Mike

    Woodshop Mike

    When high school varsity soccer didn't pan out, Mike instead turned his attention to woodworking. He began building his own custom guitars, started winning awards, and ignited a passion for building he’s since made a business of.

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  • The Barefoot Forge

    The Barefoot Forge

    Meet Craig, former boat captain turned blacksmith and one of the most fun and funniest individuals we know! Based out of Pittsburg PA, Craig is a metalworker and teacher specializing in stainless "Damascus Steel" wedding rings.

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  • Castor Woodworks

    Castor Woodworks

    Meet Juan, his designs are inspired from his Mexican heritage and Texan upbringing mixed together to make awesome furniture and cabinets. His passion is to help others by creating build plans and documenting the build process online.

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  • Sharky James - LensShark

    Sharky James - LensShark

    Sharky James, host of the most-listened-to photography podcast PetaPixel, is a diehard Wall Control user not just for his tools, but for organizing his photography & videography gear. “Out of sight, out of mind” is no longer a thing for him.

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  • The Reformation Woodshop

    The Reformation Woodshop

    A self described “Maker Of All Things” Texas woodworker Markis Hunt dabbles in everything, from DIY furniture to Fine Woodworking. You can always find him chasing the thrill of a new and creative adventure!

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  • THE BUILD with Ethan

    THE BUILD with Ethan

    Ethan runs his own furniture company out of New York where he does custom works along with his own signature line of furniture. When he's not building furniture he's hosting events, teaching furniture classes, and posting to his social media!

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  • Rock-n H Woodshop

    Rock-n H Woodshop

    For over 25 years Drew has been woodworking away at his countless creations. Everything from shop furniture, to real furniture, Drew does it all! All the DIY you can think of can be found on Drew’s YouTube channel where he shares his creations!

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  • Charleston Crafted

    Charleston Crafted

    Morgan and Sean McBride are the DIYers behind Charleston Crafted. Their mission is to teach their readers how they can craft the home of their dreams with the power of DIY. Their goal is to create projects that are easily replicable in your home!

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  • Wild Hearts Home

    Wild Hearts Home

    Bong from Wild Hearts Home helps people create the home of their dreams with her creative DIY builds. Bong hopes to truly transform her home and strives to help others do the same!

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  • Captains Planks

    Captains Planks

    Meet Morgan, head of Captains Planks. Morgan started woodworking in 2017 and turned her passion into a fulltime business! Follow along with her woodworking as she creates amazing custom signs!

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  • Got Wood Workshop

    Got Wood Workshop

    On a quiet Kansas morning you can often hear the sounds of woodworking even before the birds start chirping thanks to our resident "earliest bird" Matt, who is often in his workshop by 3am. Matt is an excellent woodworking family man.

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  • Cow Dog Craft Works

    Meet Chris Giffrow, YouTuber and Craftsman behind Cow Dog Craft Works. Chris has a focus on hand tool craftsmanship, a love for difficult projects, & detailed technique. Chris’ mission is to show people woodworking is for everyone.

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  • Ryan Michael Carter

    Ryan is a Mechanical Engineer and garage brewer that loves all things beer, food, and coffee. He has been brewing beer at home since 2013 and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and love for the craft. Follow along with Ryan to see his brews!

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  • Gray Matter Lifting

    Joe from Gray Matter Lifting and creator of Garage Gym Competition has been a long-time friend of Wall Control. Joe is both a leading voice in the world of home gym athletes and was an early adopter of Wall Control in this now popular, garage and home gym wall storage and organization space.

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  • Mom Lawyer

    Hali is a dedicated Lawyer, Professor, and DIY enthusiast, transforming spaces with her keen eye for affordable home decor. Balancing her professional life with her passion for renovation, she utilizes Wall Control to keep her projects organized. See more of Hali here!

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  • Night Carver Designs

    Tiff Marchand from Night Carver Designs is a Massachusetts artist and social media influencer who transforms digital illustrations into hand-painted, carved wood art. Utilizing CNCs, lasers, routers, and power carving tools, Tiff crafts vibrant horror film and pop culture pieces such as carved trays, stickers, magnets, and apparel.

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