Brand Ambassadors

Meet the Wall Control Brand Ambassadors.
We're happy to be rolling out the first round of Wall Control Brand Ambassadors in our new Brand Ambassador program.
This growing community of shakers, movers and influencers across various trades all use Wall Control products day in and day out in their own shops and workspaces. From woodworkers to crafters to home fix-it personalities, these individuals know how to get things done and trust Wall Control with their own tools. Wall Control's Brand Ambassadors produce some fantastic content and are always up to something awesome so be sure to check them out, give them a follow, and feel free to interact with them on social media.

  • Lazy Guy DIY

    Lazy Guy DIY

    Think custom woodworker and tool reviewer with a healthy serving of sarcasm, Adam brings a laid back approach to all things DIY that's a fun journey no matter what your skill level. Adam heads up our ambassador team and leads the charge on our Instagram Channel.

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  • Got Wood Workshop

    Got Wood Workshop

    On a quiet Kansas morning you can often hear the sounds of woodworking even before the birds start chirping thanks to our resident "earliest bird" Matt, who is often in his workshop by 3am. Matt is a woodworking family man who eats his lunch while you're having breakfast.

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  • Ginger Woodworks

    Ginger Woodworks

    Our Ginger to the North, Rob is a Social Worker by day and superhero influencer by night. Always looking out for the little guy, Rob has a passion for woodworking projects and making content available for all skill levels.

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  • Wood Brew

    Wood Brew

    Dylan & Molly are a woodworking power couple taking the maker industry by storm. With innovative furniture builds, modern retail space designs and a customized "Wood Brew" conversion van under their belts this couple is just getting started on their climb to the top.

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  • Jonny Rocker

    Jonny Rocker

    Jonny is our resident "rock star" on the Wall Control Brand Ambassador team. Part artist and part carpenter, Jonny's best known for his custom-made Hellsing Furniture line that has an awesome modern take on Gothic design.

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  • Mr Build It

    Mr. Build It

    Fabricator, furniture designer and tool aficionado, Alex is a dad and family man that does it all. There is not a design project that he won't tackle to perfection. Alex is constantly expanding his repertoire of skills and sharing his experiences along the way.

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  • Mother Daughter Projects

    Mother Daughter Projects

    The dynamic duo of Vicki (Mother) and Steph (Daughter) are a pair of fearless DIY'ers that tackle anything from crafting, to at home tech to woodworking projects. The fun never stops with these two who are always moving on to the next big project.

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  • Mullen Woodworks

    Mullen Woodworks

    Surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of northern Utah, Jesse is a craftsman that takes his inspiration from the area around him and brings out the beauty in the natural materials he works with in his workshop.

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  • At Charlotte's House

    At Charlotte's House

    A designer, podcaster and wrangler of 5 kids, Charlotte literally does it all. Our resident decor expert has a great eye for color and a style that you might recognize from some of your favorite design shows.

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  • The Awesome Orange

    The Awesome Orange

    You'll be out of luck if you try to describe Sadie Mae without bringing up the word "Awesome". With plenty of personality to spare, Sadie is a custom furniture builder with a great eye for flair, especially with a touch of Orange.

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  • Myers Woodshop

    Myers Woodshop

    Ben is a husband, father, and woodworker originally from Pennsylvania but now resides in Arkansas and has a passion for woodworking, specializing in custom wood d├ęcor, furniture, colored pencil bowls and is a rising influencer on the custom woodworking scene.

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  • Southern Ginger Workshop

    Southern Ginger Workshop

    Our Ginger in the South, Zach is guy that knows his tech and is staple part of the Southern Woodworking Community. Whether he's firing up his CNC for a project or working on his custom tear drop trailer, Zach is a content creator that can do it all!

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  • DeMadera Custom Woodworking

    DeMadera Custom Woodworking

    Based out of Austin, Texas, Juan is a custom woodworker with one of the best mustaches in the business. Crafts and custom builds are only part of the story here when funny guy Juan's sense of humor takes stage on his channel.

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