Bring Your Own Tools - BYOT

Bring Your Own Tools - BYOT

Brent has always been a true builder and creator at heart, starting with Legos as a kid and eventually moving up to all things DIY. Shortly after purchasing his first home, he started on a journey to further develop his 'Do It Yourself' skills by remodeling his home. Brent went to YouTube to learn as much as he possibly could on how to further improve things around his new home. Eventually he reached a point where he had to 'Do It Himself' and decided to return the favor and started Bring Your Own Tools - BYOT. He continues to follow his DIY passion all while helping others along the way.

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Brent from Bring Your Own Tools - BYOT Using?

Part Number: 30-GP-3216 GV30-GP-3216 GV  - Metal Galvanized Peg Tool Board (32in x 16in)

Part Number: ASM-DR-314 BUASM-DR-314 BU  - Slotted Pegboard Power Drill Organizer in Blue

Part Number: 10-HZ-103 BU10-HZ-103 BU  - 3-1/2in Reach Peg Board Curved Tip Hook in Blue

Part Number: 10-HS-001 BU10-HS-001 BU  - 7/8in Reach Slotted Metal Tool Board Hook in Blue

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