Mom Lawyer

Mom Lawyer

Hali the "Mom Lawyer" wears many hats. Attorney, Professor, Wife, and Mom by day, and an enthusiastic DIY addict in all her spare moments. Her DIY journey started as a necessity to personalize and enhance her family home in California. Quickly, it evolved into a passion for affordable home renovation and decor, driven by her desire to transform everyday spaces into beautiful, functional areas. Wall Control became an integral part of her projects, helping her organize her tools and materials efficiently, which is crucial for her busy lifestyle.

Hali’s approach to DIY is straightforward and relatable. For a peek into her world of transformation and practical DIY tips, follow Hali on Instagram where she shares her latest projects and insights. Whether it's revamping a room or tackling a new piece of furniture, Hali's creative journey is all about making sophisticated home decor accessible.

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Hali from Mom Lawyer Using?

Part Number: 30-P-4816 GV - Galvanized Wall Control 48in Vertical Panel

Part Number: ASM-SH-1609 R - 9in Red Slotted Pegboard Shelf

Part Number: 10-AH-008 B - 8in Accessory Hanger in Black

Part Number: ASM-DR-314 W -  Slotted Metal Drill Rack in White

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