Kyle at WorleyFab is a 3rd generation woodworker and was first inspired to try his hand at woodworking after visiting his grandfather’s shop as a child.

Years ago, Kyle made a 10 foot farmhouse table, in order to accommodate the houseful they always have at Christmas Eve dinner. From there, his desire to build custom pieces for people grew and developed. Over the years, he has honed in on what he loves doing most and may be most widely known on Instagram for his classic BaconBoard and/or his Saturday morning “Coffee with Kyle” segments.

While there is never a challenge Kyle CAN’T take on, he has pulled back from custom work to focus more on his cutting boards and content creation, in order to dedicate more time to his wife and the busyness that comes with 2 active boys. Kyle is also a sound engineer and coaches his son’s baseball team. He is a teacher at heart and loves helping anyone who has a question about anything. Feel free to reach out and say hi, we guarantee you will be encouraged and he will make you feel like a friend.


What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Kyle from WorleyFab Using?

Part Number: 30-P-1632 B - Black Vertical Pegboard (32in x 16in)

Part Number: ASM-HS-1694 B - Slotted Metal Pegboard Paper Towel Holder Accessory in Black

Part Number: 10-SB-006 B - 6 Inch Clamp Rack Brackets in Black

Part Number: KT-400-WRK B - Slotted Pegboard Workstation Accessory Kit in Black

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