Oak Hill Millworks

Oak Hill Millworks

Christy is an ex-cardiac nurse turned small business owner. The joy she found when being creative was something she wanted to experience for the long haul, not just when time allowed. Her initial pursuit of being a laser design company morphed into so much more when she took on DIY projects around her home and began to fall more in love with tools and woodworking. When asked why Wall Control is a staple in her shop she said, “I love having it in my shop because it seems like I never have enough time to do all the things I want and need to do, so having a home base for my tools means less time looking for stuff and more time doing what I love!”.

Christy spends time contributing fun and educational content on Instagram and YouTube. Check her out!

Meet Christy



Renovation Hunters Outdoor Channel Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Fun fact! Christy a cast member of Renovation Hunters, a new outdoor home Renovation TV Show coming to the Outdoor Channel in 2023! Make sure to tune in - as this is the 1st Renovation TV Show on the Outdoor Channel where you can watch Home Improvement and Outdoor worlds collide with host Hal Shaffer. Hal comes with an amazing crew of talented makers, builders, and sponsor brands that transform homes, cabins, and outdoor spaces! Also be on the lookout for Wall Control, we’ll be there too!


What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Christy from Oak Hill Millworks Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3216 W - White Wall Control Standard Size Panel 32x16in

Part Number: ASM-MSC-419 B - Tool Holder Caddy Bracket in Black

Part Number: 10-CN-104 B - White Slim Tool Holder Bracket Pair

Part Number: ASM-HS-1694 B -  Slotted Pegboard Paper Towel Holder and Dowel Rod Shelf Assembly in Black

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