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Renovation Hunters Wall ControlRenovation Hunters is an Outdoor Channel original network series that takes the traditional home improvement renovation show and adds an outdoor lifestyle focus. With host Hal Shaffer, hunter and outdoorsman, at the helm, the Renovation Hunters cast and crew is committed to preserving the rich heritage of hunting, fishing, and vacation camps as family traditions to be handed off to future generations of family and friends. Renovation Hunters on Outdoor Channel

The Wall Control team is fortunate to work along side this amazing cast and crew to support this mission: we make sure every wall storage detail of Renovation Hunters' projects are taken care of with care, professionalism and expertise. Our own Wall Control team of Renovation Hunters travels from build to build across the United States with the cast and crew to make sure the Wall Control storage system installations are top notch. Renovation Hunters promises to help enhance the relationship between families and their outdoor heritage; get ready for a unique, truly memorable experience and be sure to following along on Outdoor Channel. 


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Renovation Hunters Season 1: Project Hyannis Nebraska

Checkout what the team was up to on the 1st project of Renovation Hunters from Hyannis Nebraska and follow along on social media:

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Renovation Hunters Hyannis Nebraska Outdoor Channel

Renovation Hunters Outdoor Channel Richard Grove MrWallStorage Steph UncommonOutpost

Renovation Hunters Outdoor Channel Lazy Guy DIY Wall Control Hyannis Nebraska

Renovation Hunters Outdoor Channel Richard Grove MrWallStorage Wall Control

Wall Control Products used on Renovation Hunters in Hyannis Nebraska

Drop Zone Pegboard Wall Storage Systems

Signature Series Textured Matte Pegboards

Laundry Room Wall Organizers

Pegboard Cable Lock Receivers

Black and White Hooks and Accessories 

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Renovation Hunters Lazy Guy DIY Richard Grove MrWallStorage Wall Control