Locking Pegboard Lock Receiver - Pegboard Cable Lock Receiver

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Pegboard Lock Receiver Includes**: 

(1) Cable Lock Slide

(1) Cable Lock Pegboard Pin

**Please Note: Lock / Cable Lock Sold Separately. Lock Receiver Compatible with virtually any 3/16in (5mm) Cable Lock or Adjustable Cable Lock.

Pegboard Lock Receiver Description:

Create Locking Pegboard using the Wall Control Pegboard Lock Receiver* a patent pending design that works with our Metal Pegboard panels to help keep your tools and supplies securely locked up and safe. When considering tool storage solutions safety and security is always a top priority. From hardware store owners to garage tinkerers and DIY enthusiast alike, securing tools and equipment when not in use is always of critical importance. This pegboard lock receiver is easy to use to prevent tool removal and theft from your Wall Control Pegboard so you can rest assured that your tools and equipment will be stored safely.

The pegboard lock receiver works by inserting the Cable Lock Pin into one of the conventional ¼ inch peg holes on our panel, then inserting the Cable Lock Pin into the Cable Lock Slide and wiring through any cable lock of your choice into the hole on the Cable Lock Slide. Once the pegboard lock is locked your tool or piece of equipment is now tethered to your Wall Control Pegboard. The extended edges on each side of the Cable Lock Slide prevent the removal of the lock by trying to remove the Cable Lock Pin once your lock is locked. The Wall Control Pegboard Lock Receiver is also a very versatile lock. You can use it to lock up just one tool at a time or use a longer wire lock to run it through multiple tools or gear. This makes it great for tools and firearm stores as you can lock up multiple pieces of equipment at the end of the day for added security. This lock is not just for tools though, you can use it to lock up anything of value to your panel with it!

The Wall Control Pegboard Lock Receiver only extends about 1 ½ inches off the panel face, so the lock does not take up much room. The ¼ inch hole on the slide and pin that accepts the wire lock is compatible with most cable locks on the market, including almost all the gun locks that come standard when you purchase a firearm. The Lock Receiver is die cut out of 16-gauge steel and powder coated in Black to give it a nice rust resistant finish with strength that will last a lifetime.

How to Lock Pegboard Using Wall Control Peg Board Cable Lock Receiver for Locking Tools on Wall

As Seen on Renovation Hunters, an Outdoor Channel Network Original Series

As Seen On Renovation Hunters Pegboard Lock Outdoor Channel Wall Control


The Wall Control Pegboard Lock Receiver will only work with Gun Pegboard or Wall Control branded pegboard panels with 1/4 inch peg holes and slots. This Lock Receiver will not work with our slotted only panels.

Wall Control Pegboard Products are proudly Made in the USA

*Please Note: This Pegboard Lock Receiver is designed to be a theft and removal deterrent / preventive measure. Although quite secure, with enough force and effort, the lock receiver could theoretically be ripped out of a metal panel and/or the entire panel could be removed. Much like a cable lock of any sort, the idea is meant to deter theft but with bolt cutters and the correct tools of force, the best efforts to prevent theft and removal can potentially be overcome. Please continue to monitor stored tools, equipment, firearms, and other dangerous weaponry as well as store them in safe locations where theft and unwanted removal are highly unlikely.


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