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Hey guys! Jef and Jess here from Two Moose Design. We have been full-time woodworkers for almost 3 years now! It all began on Etsy and we continue to grow and expand. Most of our business comes from online sales which truly opens up an entire world to new customers! We’ve sent items to Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Germany! Allll over the world which is truly mind-blowing to us!

Our journey began while we trying to figure out the next chapter in our lives. While reflecting on life and figuring out what to do with it we began remodeling our home…using DIY YouTube content, of course, learning to do everything ourselves. Then one day our sister-in-law asked if we could build some shelves that she found on Etsy and this opened up a wormhole… we dove deeeeep. Finding things we could build, working on designs, figuring out a business name, and then we finally made an account! A few weeks later we made our first sale!!! That one sale sparked the entire reaction into overdrive…. Holy crap we might actually be able to do this! Then we started coming out with a TON of designs. We poured everything we had into growing our little ember of a business and after many broken orders and failed pieces we managed to turn our basement into a full-on production shop.

After about a year of learning how to woodwork and run a business, we started to share our products on Instagram and it evolved into so much more. The most exciting part of it all is we managed to raise enough capital selling pet feeders and clocks to build a new shop on our property and finally got out of the dungeon basement! We now spend our days educating and inspiring others and managed to acquire almost 30k followers in 2 short years! We specialize in ottoman trays and clocks currently and are transitioning into large items. We are constantly evolving and are coming out with a line of large items we will be selling on Etsy and our website! We’ve come a long way in 3 years and have learned anything is possible! If you have a dream GO FOR IT because you never know what might happen. Just do it and figure it out along the way, I promise it will be a lot of work, but if you stick with it, it is so worth it! If you happen to stumble onto Facebook or Instagram swing by to see what the two crazy tattooed kids with all the animals are up to!

Meet Jef & Jess



What Wall Control Pegboard Products are Jef & Jess from Two Moose Design Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3232 W  - (2 Pack) 32in x 16in White Metal Pegboard

Part Number: KT-400-WRK BU -  Blue Standard Accessory Kit for Slotted Pegboard

Part Number: 10-QTB-410 W - Pegboard Tip-Out Bin in White

Part Number: ASM-CH-014 BU -  Slotted Pegboard Aerosol Can Holder in Blue

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