Annie's Woodworks

Annie's Woodworks

The heart and desire behind Annie’s Woodworks is young Annalee Stevens. Her woodworking passion began at just 11 years old, when she wanted to hand make a Christmas present for her grandmother. So with very basic woodworking tools she did just that. Then she had to make one for her other MawMaw and from there her passion for woodwork took off. Not only does she sell her cutting boards and items, but she also uses her passion to raise money for many charities like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, LA Cops (an organization that sends kids of fallen first responders to camp), and an Alzheimer’s organization. She is also a straight A Honor student, member of the Pineville Jr High School soccer, softball , and track teams. With dreams of becoming a veterinarian when she grows up with a very nice wood shop too.

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Annalee from Annie's Woodworks Using?

Part Number: 30-GP-3216 GV30-GP-3216 GV  - 32in x 16in Galvanized Metal Slotted Tool Board

Part Number: ASM-DR-314 BASM-DR-314 B  - Pegboard Drill Holder Storage Rack in Black

Part Number: 10-CB-011 B10-CB-011 B  - 1in x 1in Metal Slotted C-Bracket

Part Number: ASM-SH-1609 B ASM-SH-1609 B  - 9 Inch Deep Slotted Pegboard Shelf in Black

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