Glam Farmhouse Woodworking

Glam Farmhouse Woodworking

Ex-Division 1 Athlete turned Woodworker, Christina from Glam Farmhouse Woodworking found her passion one night in the garage after coming home from a corporate job. Completely self-taught, her goal is to help and inspire other girls and women succeed in the industry. Christina specializes in household furniture such as dining room sets, barn doors, fireplace mantels, etc.

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Christina from Glam Farmhouse Woodworking Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3232 W - White Metal Pegboard Panel Pack (2 Pack)

Part Number: ASM-SH-1606 B - 6" Deep Metal Pegboard Shelf Assembly in Black

Part Number: 10-HM-002 B - Medium Slotted Hooks in Black

Part Number: ASM-CH-014 B - Slotted Metal Aerosol Can Holder in Black

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