Rock-n H Woodshop

Rock-n H Woodshop

For over 25 years Drew has been woodworking away at his countless creations – everything from shop furniture to real furniture, Drew does it all! All the DIY you can think of can be found on Drew’s YouTube channel where he has shared his creations since 2013! Follow Drew on his woodworking adventures and more on his YouTube channel and website!

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Drew Using?

Part Number: 30-PP-3232 B30-PP-3232 B  - Black Slotted Metal Pegboard Panel Pack

Part Number: 10-CB-022 R10-CB-022 R  - Slotted Peg Board Red C-Bracket 2x2in

Part Number: ASM-SD-008 RASM-SD-008 R  - Red Screwdriver Holder for Slotted Peg Board

Part Number: 10-DV-009 R10-DV-009 R  - Red Slotted 9in Shelf Divider

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