Bevelish Creations

Bevelish Creations

I'm Alex from Bevelish Creations. I picked up my first power tool in late 2017 to build something for our house out of necessity. That's when I discovered the joy of making and it opened up a new outlet for my creativity. A few months later I posted my build video for our baby's crib and that's when I discovered my love for sharing what I make with the world. Through Bevelish Creations, I hope to share, teach, and inspire more people to make things with their hands!

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Alex from Bevelish Creations Using?

Part Number: 30-HP-1632 B - 16in x 32in Horizontal Metal Pegboard Panel in Black

Part Number: 10-SB-012 B - 12" Clamp Rack Bracket Pair in Black

Part Number: 10-UH-003 B - Black 3" Reach Slotted U-Hook (2 Pack)

Part Number: 10-HZ-103 B - Curved Tip Slotted Pegboard Hook in Black (4 Pack)

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