Castor Woodworks

Castor Woodworks

Juan is the content creator and woodworker behind Castor Woodworks. His Rustic designs are inspired from his Mexican heritage and Texan upbringing mixed together to make awesome custom built furniture and cabinets. His passion is to help others by creating build plans and documenting the build process on his Instagram and YouTube.

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Juan from Castor Woodworks Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3216 BU - Blue Texas Flag Pegboard Panel

Part Number: 30-HP-1632 W - White Horizonal Texas Flag Stripe Pegboard

Part Number: 30-HP-1632 R - Red Horizontal Texas Flag Stripe Pegboard

Part Number: 10-UH-404 R  - Red 3 Inch Reach Slotted Pegboard U-Hook

Part Number: 10-SB-012 R - Woodworking Clamp Rack Storage Set Red

Part Number: 10-ER-004 BU - Blue 9 Inch Extended Reach Slotted Pegboard Hook

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