Garage Gym Lab

Garage Gym Lab

Adam is the owner of Garage Gym Lab, a company committed to helping people grow their home gyms and buy fitness equipment with confidence. Started as a side hustle in 2017, Adam has been running GGL full time since 2020. As a long time user of wall control, Adam’s found no better way to organize fitness accessories. With 10 panels (and counting), he can’t get enough of the clean look and versatility. Outside of Garage Gym Lab, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and daughter in sunny South Carolina.

Meet Adam

What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Adam from Garage Gym Labs Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3232 W - White Metal Pegboard Pack - (2) 32in x 16in Tool Boards

Part Number: 10-HZ-103 W - Curved Tip Metal Pegboard Hook in White

Part Number: 10-HL-102 W - White Long Reach Slotted Hooks

Part Number: 10-ER-004 W - White 9 Inch Extended Reach Hooks

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