Shelby Hahn - 500 Turns

Shelby Hahn - 500 Turns

I’m Shelby Hahn. After failing to become a ninja or a spec ops sniper, I became a family physician. My primary job is as an associate program director in a residency program, but also get to teach and mentor future doctors while working with a local medical school.

My family lives in Springfield, Missouri. We love our church and community and try to be just, love mercy, and act humbly (Micah 6:8). We’ve been a foster family for four years and have parented nine children in total, including seven 2 year olds.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time working in my step dad’s wood shop, as well 6 years working for his general contracting business. During those formative years I learned how to use 2×4 stretchers and the reciprocating tenon jig. After a 10 year woodworking hiatus I started doing DIY projects at home and small gifts that I hope become family heirlooms and not firewood.

500 Turns was born in January 2018 as a “New Years Resolution.” We intended to “turn” (on a woodworking lathe) 500 Christmas ornaments to sell and donate to benefit foster care organizations. Like most NY’s resolutions, this one failed. Instead, we started making cutting boards, mallets, small furniture, and finally baby rattles which have become our most purchased item.

In 2018 we were able to donate over $7,000 in cash and items to organizations supporting children in foster care. We are on track surpass that donation level this year as well! We are what I call a “zero profit.” We donate the entire purchase price of items bought and eat the cost of materials and tools. We are thankful for organizations like Wall Control whose generosity helps limit our out of pocket costs and allows us to continue to help kids in care.

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