Ginger Woodworks


Our Ginger to the North, Rob is a Social Worker by day and superhero influencer by night. Always looking out for the little guy, Rob has a passion for woodworking projects and making content available for all skill levels.

Meet Rob

What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Rob from Ginger Woodworks Using?

Part Number: 30-HP-1632 OR -  (16in Tall x 32in Wide) Orange Horizontal Metal Pegboard Tool Board Panel

Part Number: 30-P-0832 OR - (8in Tall x 32in Wide) Small Horizontal Orange Metal Pegboard Tool Board Panel

Part Number: ASM-SH-1606 B - Black 6in  x 16in Pegboard Shelf Assembly

Part Number: KT-200-DLX B - 26 Piece Deluxe Slotted Hook Kit in Black

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