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Our good friend and Ginger to the North, Rob is a Social Worker by day, Superhero Influencer by night, and Buffalo Bills fan come kickoff to football season! Always looking out for the little guy, Rob has a passion for woodworking projects and making content available for all skill levels. Be sure to follow Rob using the links below:

Meet Rob

Rob is also a cast member on an exciting new Renovation TV Show coming to the Outdoor Channel in early 2023 called Renovation Hunters! Renovation Hunters is the 1st Renovation TV Show on Outdoor Channel where you can watch the Outdoor and Home Improvement worlds collide with host Hal Shaffer and his amazing crew of talented individuals like Rob as they transform cabins and homes! Keep an eye out for Wall Control, we'll be there too!


Renovation Hunters TV Show Outdoor Channel Wall Control Pegboard

What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Rob from Ginger Woodworks Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3232 BE -  Two Pack of Vertical Beige Metal Pegboard Tool Board Panels

Part Number: ASM-SH-1606 B - Black 6in  x 16in Pegboard Shelf Assembly

Part Number: KT-200-DLX B - 26 Piece Deluxe Slotted Hook Kit in Black

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