Hearth Home Designs

Hearth Home Designs

Hey guys, its Sara from Hearth Home Designs. I’m a corporate dropout turned self-taught woodworker, CNC machinist and laser operator. Hearth Home Designs all started with me falling in love with a bar cart that was WAY out of my price range. After several “mistakes” aka learning opportunities, I came out of the adventure with a bar cart that I absolutely loved and my eyes opened to a whole new world of possibility. 3 years, 1 business, a few store displays and innumerable farmers markets later, here we are! Check me out on Instagram!







What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Sara from Hearth Home Designs Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3232 W - White Metal Pegboard Pack (2 Panels)

Part Number: 10-CB-022 BU - Slotted Pegboard 2in x 2in C-Brackets (2 Pack) in Blue

Part Number: 10-30-210 BU - Blue Plastic Hanging Bins (3 Pack)

Part Number: 10-DV-009 BU - 9in Shelf Divider Pair in Blue

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