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My name is Matt Plumlee, and I've "got wood"! ... in my workshop. If you didn't know, I am a morning woodworker. Typically my day begins at about 2:30-3 AM in the workshop where I work until 8 AM when I get ready for my day job. My wife and I had our first little girl in December 2017 and have loved all of the new adventures and challenges that came along with her! If you have any questions or comments over anything feel free to send me an email or a message, I love talking with everyone! I'm often asked how I got started in woodworking so I figured I'd share that as well.

Got Wood Workshop started with a trip to the furniture store. I needed a full set of living room furniture. Like many people, I love the rustic style, but was appalled to see the prices of coffee tables that were made from "genuine imitation wood" with a rustic looking wood print on them. I said to myself, "I can do this". I went out and found a couple of pallets and after a few days, with no previous experience building anything, I had a rustic looking coffee table that was essentially free; the obsession grew out of control from there. After a couple of months I had made myself a full living room set of furniture and a desk for the office. I was so proud of myself and had to show it off to everyone; that's how Got Wood Workshop was born!

After showing off my furniture, custom orders began pouring in. One of the most requested items were the arrow wall art decorations. I sold plenty of them locally and just about every time someone came by to pick them up they would tell me, "you know, you should really be selling these on Etsy." So I decided to take the plunge and opened my Etsy shop in August 2015.

My passion for woodworking has continued to grow, uncontrollably, since opening my Etsy shop; I simply cannot get enough of it! There is such a satisfaction that comes from someone giving you an idea and making it into something they can have in their own home. I love working with reclaimed materials that may be trash to one person and turning it into something beautiful! All of the logs use to make the items in my shop come from already cut down trees that are getting ready to be burnt or are about to be thrown in the wood chipper. It is a wonderful feeling that comes from rescuing materials that were about to be burnt or discarded and showing off the true beauty that was previously thought of as trash!  

Craftsmanship and customer service is truly a dying art form, but I take great pride in my work and treat every customer and order like I am making it for a friend, always providing the best customer service I possibly can. I welcome custom orders so, if there is anything you have in mind, please let me know! I would love to make your idea become a reality!  

On a more personal note, I am 26 years old. Even though I am young I am very passionate about woodworking and hope that I can offer some useful tips as well as inspire people of all ages to get into woodworking. I have my bachelors degree in IT Business and Technical Management with a minor in Web Graphic Design from DeVry University. While in college I took many art and graphic design classes, and have done some graphic design freelance work. My full time job is as an application developer, I do both web and Windows applications. Nearly all of my free time is spent in the workshop where I am constantly learning and honing my woodworking skills.

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