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Wall Control Gun Rack With Rubber Coated Hooks

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Be the envy of your friends at the gun range with a Wall Control tactical firearm storage system. Wall Control tactical firearm storage solutions offers a perfect modular tactical organizer for your collection of guns. We have all sorts of solutions for gun rack organization because there is definitely more than one way to accomplish any task with our system, as gun collections vary from person to person and manufacturer to manufacturer. While this is a great gun range storage solution, it can be used for any sort of firearm storage. With the addition of rubber coated gun hooks to your gun closet, Wall Control pegboard is the perfect solution for your firearm storage needs.

Gun Pegboard Pistol Hooks

Above is a great pistol storage solution for calibers of 9mm and up. Only avaliable on

Rubber Coating For Guns and Firearms Stock

If you are concerned about potential paint scuffs, please refer to our Rubber Coating guide on how to coat pegboard hooks with protective rubber coating for gun and firearm storage, and see examples below.

Wall Control Gun Rack Storage

Gun Rack Storage System

If you are trying to make a vertical gun rack storage system, we have put together a small guide to show one way to make a gun rack system. With this method, it requires 3 different accessories. In our example image we used a 9 Inch Shelf (ASM-SH-1609ASM-SH-1609), a pair of Gun Brackets (10-SB-00610-SB-006), and a 1-1/4in Barrel Holder (10-HH-205010-HH-2050). While the shelf supports the stock of the firearm, the barrel holder holds the barrel in place and the gun brackets prevent the firearm from rotating out of position while offering an extra area of support to prevent the gun from the unlikelihood of the firearm or gun falling off of your gun storage system.

As an extra layer of protection, we added Rubber Coating (AO-RUBRCT-BAO-RUBRCT-B) to our accessories to prevent any sorts of scuffs against the barrel and any other areas. For more information on how to rubber coat our accessories, please refer to our Rubber Coating Guide.

This setup is the perfect place to store your firearms in between the gun range, and has the ability to hold up to 5 different firearms and guns at a time. The Barrel holder takes up 3 slots at a time and a standard 32in Tall x 16in Wide Slotted Metal Pegboard Vertical Panel has 15 slots across. Although if you need to use the larger 2in Barrel Holder (10-HH-305010-HH-3050), you can fit up to 3 of the 2in Barrel Holders and a single 1-1/4in Barrel Holder on one standard 32in Tall x 16in Wide Wall Control Metal Slotted Pegboard Panel.

Through customer feedback we have found our pegboard gun storage racks and rubber coated gun hooks to be compatible with the following brands: Smith & Wesson, Remington, Ruger, SIG Sauer, Heckler and Koch, Mossberg, Colt Defense, Beretta, Springfield, Barrett, Browning, Winchester, Benelli, Kimber, FN Herstal, Thompson, Bushmaster, Knight's Armament, Stag Arms, Daniel Defense, Steyr, Taurus, and Walther Arms.

Gun Pegboard Gun Storage Solutions

Gun Pegboard Tactical Gear Walls

Want to see more? Checkout our sister brand, Gun Pegboard, for all of your wall mounted firearm storage needs! At we have plenty of firearm specific accessories to better suit storage and display of your guns!

Popular Firearm and Gun Storage Accessories

Here are a few of our gun storage products that are among the more popular accessories used for gun racks and tactical firearm organization:

Customer Gun Wall Rack Examples

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