Rubber Coating Hook and Accessory Liner

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Part Number: AO-RUBRCT

Includes: 3 Feet of Black Rubber Hook and Accessory Liner


Wall Control Hooks & Accessories are powder coated and already offer a durable and attractive finish, but if you want to prevent any and all metal contact with what you're storing, this DIY solution for rubber coating Wall Control metal pegboard hooks and pegs is easy to do and will create a nice rubber coated peg hook storing surface on Wall Control hooks and accessories. Using these rubber sleeves, you can achieve an easy way to prevent potential scuffs on high value items. Pegboard Peg Hook Liners can be cut-to-fit and are reasonably flexible. Whether you're a cyclist or a gun owner, we all have things we don't want metal to metal contact on to prevent any possible scratching. Here is our easy solution!

For more in depth instructions visit our How-To Guide.

Step By Step: 

 Step 1: How to Rubber Coat Pegboard Peg Hooks Step 2: How to Rubber Coat Pegboard Peg Hooks

Step 3: How to Rubber Coat Pegboard Peg Hooks Step 4: How to Rubber Coat Pegboard Peg Hooks with Rubber Hook Liner

Step 5: How to Rubber Coat Pegboard Peg Hooks Step 6: How to Rubber Coat Pegboard Peg Hooks

How Many Rubber Coating Packs Do I Need?

Wondering how many packs you should order? Below you can find the lengths required to fully cover each of our slotted hooks and brackets with our rubber liner:


10-UH-003: 5.5in

10-UH-404: 6.5in

10-BOE-007: 3in

10-HS-001: .5in

10-HM-002: 1.75in

10-HL-102: 2.5in

10-HZ-103: 3.75in (3in Not Covering Tip)

10-PH-N03: 3in

10-ER-106: 6.25in

10-ER-004: 9.25in

10-HD-012: 11in


10-HH-2050: 8.5in

10-HH-3050: 10in

10-SB-004: 3.5in

10-SB-006: 5.5in

10-SB-009: 8.5in

10-SB-012: 11.5in

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