Pegboard Buyers Guide

Garage & Tool Storage

Best Selling Garage Tool Storage Pegboard

Best Seller: Garage & Tool Storage Pegboard

Why Choose Wall Control for Garage & Tool Storage:

  • Optimized Organization: Our system keeps your tools easily accessible and visible.
  • Space Maximization: Say goodbye to cluttered floors and workbenches; our system leverages vertical space.
  • Enhanced Workspace: Increase your efficiency and productivity with everything in its rightful place.
  • Features Tailored for You:

    • Durability: Crafted from robust galvanized steel, our pegboards are designed to hold even your heaviest tools.
    • Versatility: Our pegboards support both 1/4-inch round pegboard pegs and our special slotted accessories.
    • Size Variations: From modest tool collections to professional workshops, we have sizes to fit all.
  • Must-have Accessories:

    • Variety of tool hooks.
    • Shelves for toolboxes or larger equipment.
    • Magnetic strips for your metallic tools.
    • Handy bins for screws, nails, and other small items.

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Home & Kitchen Storage

Best Selling Home Kitchen Storage Pegboard

Best Seller: Home & Kitchen Pegboard Storage

Why Choose Wall Control for Home & Kitchen:

  • Stylish Storage: Our pegboards aren't just functional; they're a decorative statement.
  • Easy Access: Keep your essentials within arm's reach, whether it's a spatula or a paintbrush.
  • Versatile Solutions: Perfect for the kitchen, craft room, or any space in need of a personal touch.
  • Features Tailored for You:

    • Aesthetic Appeal: With our range of powder-coated colors, you're sure to find a match for your home décor.
    • User-Friendly Design: Our pegboards are designed for hassle-free installation and rearrangement.
    • Customizable Layouts: Change up your storage as often as you change up your style.
  • Must-have Accessories:

    • Baskets for fruits or art supplies.
    • Hooks in various designs for décor or utensils.
    • Shelving units for books or plants.

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Industrial Storage

Best Selling Industrial Storage Pegboard Workbench

Best Seller: Industrial Storage Pegboard Workbench

Why Choose Wall Control for Industrial Needs:

  • Efficient Workspaces: Organize tools systematically, saving you time and energy.
  • Safety First: Clear floors mean fewer accidents. Our vertical storage solutions prioritize safety.
  • Built to Last: Industrial environments require robust solutions, and that's what we deliver.
  • Features Tailored for You:

    • Heavy-Duty Construction: Designed to bear the weight of industrial tools and machinery.
    • Weather Resistance: Our pegboards resist rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity.
    • Scalability: As your business grows, so can your storage, with our expandable pegboard panels.
  • Must-have Accessories:

    • Reinforced hooks and brackets.
    • Secure bins for important components.
    • Industrial-grade shelves.

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A Few Tips from the Wall Control Team:

  1. Installation Ease: Our pegboards are designed for simple installation. Secure them to wall studs or use our recommended wall anchors.
  2. Care: A little love goes a long way. A regular wipe-down keeps your Wall Control pegboard looking brand new.
  3. Future-Proofing: Always consider future storage needs. Many of our systems allow for easy expansion.

At Wall Control, we recognize that every individual has unique organizational preferences. Some may consider the conventional grid wall system, which offers a basic lattice-like structure. However, for those seeking a blend of resilience and adaptability, our metal pegboard stands as a paragon of organizational prowess. The metal pegboard is crafted for rugged durability, ensuring tools and accessories remain secure, with a design that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. While the choice is yours, Wall Control's metal pegboard promises a transformative experience for any space.

Thank you for considering Wall Control. We're committed to delivering quality, durability, and style, all in one package.