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Wall Control metal pegboard and the Wall Control industrial toolboard storage system has proven itself to be an instrumental tool in satisfying 5S and LEAN Manufacturing requirements both domestically and internationally. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses across the US, Wall Control heavy-duty pegboard tool storage products are being utilized and trusted by companies and agencies across many industries for effective and durable storage and organization.

Wall Control Industrial Grade Metal Pegboard products are heavy duty and are available online through the following select industrial and commercial outfitters:


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Below is a customer generated collage of Wall Control Industrial Pegboard being used throughout industry. Wall Control Heavy Duty Pegboard is strong, durable, and will last a lifetime. If your office or place of business needs an industrial strength pegboard tool storage solution for your next 5S or LEAN Initiative then look no further than Wall Control Metal Pegboard Tool Storage Systems.

Wall Control Industrial Metal Pegboard Heavy Duty Pegboard Tool Storage



Wall Control Industrial Grade Metal Pegboard Products work well across many industries and in many environments as is highlighted below by a partial list of Wall Control industrial customers.


Wall Control Pegboard Industrial Customers


Pegboard Storage: Elevating Industrial Environments


Industrial spaces are hubs of productivity, demanding precision, efficiency, and safety in every corner. The pegboard, particularly Wall Control’s meticulously designed system, emerges as an indispensable tool, bridging the chasm between chaotic workspaces and streamlined efficiency.


Robust & Reliable: In the realm of heavy-duty operations, Wall Control pegboards are a testament to industrial resilience. Crafted from materials designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, they can bear significant weights, resist corrosion, and stand up to the daily grind with aplomb.


Optimized Workflow: Time is of the essence in industrial settings. Wall Control pegboards offer systematic organization, ensuring that tools and components are always within arm's reach. This ease of access expedites processes, reduces downtime, and bolsters productivity.


Scalability & Modularity: As industrial needs grow and evolve, storage solutions must keep pace. The pegboards' modular nature allows for scalable configurations, adapting to changing requirements, whether that's expanding a production line or introducing a new assembly process.


Safety Front & Center: Cluttered workspaces in industrial environments aren't just inefficient; they're hazardous. With everything from tools to machinery components having a designated spot on the pegboard, the risks of accidents or misplacements plummet, fostering a culture of safety.


Customizable Aesthetics: While functionality reigns supreme in industrial domains, there's an emerging trend for aesthetic workspaces. Wall Control pegboards, available in a spectrum of finishes, introduce an element of design, transforming sterile environments into spaces that inspire and invigorate.


Versatile Integration: Beyond tools, pegboards in industrial settings can accommodate a plethora of items—blueprints, safety equipment, machine components, and more. Their universal adaptability ensures they're not just limited to workshops but find utility in warehouses, factories, and assembly lines.


Sustainability & Longevity: With sustainability taking center stage in modern industries, Wall Control pegboards resonate as a green storage solution. Built to last, they reduce the need for frequent replacements, ensuring fewer resources are consumed over time.


In the constantly evolving landscape of industry, where efficiency, safety, and productivity are paramount, Wall Control pegboards stand as pillars, underpinning the seamless orchestration of processes, tools, and people.