Pallet Rack Storage End Caps - Metal Pegboard Set for Industrial Shelving Units

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Modular Pallet Rack Storage End Cap Pegboard for Industrial Shelving Units

Optimize your industrial pallet rack storage with our premium Modular Pallet Rack Storage End Cap Pegboards, the ultimate pallet rack storage accessory for enhancing any Industrial Shelving Unit. Designed to cater to a wide range of industrial, commercial, and heavy-duty garage shelving applications. Wall Control pallet racking end caps elevate the efficiency of your industrial shelving by accommodating premium pallet rack storage attachments. These storage rack end caps accept both Wall Control slotted pegboard wall storage accessories and hooks as well as traditional 1/4-inch round metal pegboard pegs. Enjoy an integrated hook and shelving system for tool storage at the end of every pallet rack in your shop, warehouse, garage, or commercial and industrial space.

Our Pallet Rack Storage End Caps are specifically engineered to fit seamlessly with all standard teardrop pallet rack beams and depths. With five different widths available (24", 30", 36", 42", 48"), they are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of shelving needs. Moreover, their compatibility with LevRack Storage Systems and 24 in. Deep Kobalt or Husky 4-Tier and 5-Tier Industrial Duty Steel Freestanding Garage Storage Shelving Units ensures a broad range of storage and organization application possibilities from the warehouse to the weekend warrior garage.

The aesthetic appeal of these end caps is not overlooked. Available in multiple color options, they provide an excellent opportunity for easy color coding, aligning perfectly with 5S, Six Sigma, or Lean Manufacturing initiatives. This feature simplifies inventory management planning and enhances the visual organization of your workspace.

Proudly made in the USA, these Pallet Racking Industrial Shelving Unit Pegboard End Caps are a testament to quality and durability. We stand behind our products with a Lifetime Guarantee, assuring you of their long-lasting performance. Plus, the convenience of Free Shipping to the Lower 48 US states makes these end caps an even more attractive option for upgrading your storage systems.

In summary, our Pallet Rack Storage End Cap Pegboards are an essential addition to any industrial shelving unit, offering versatility, functionality, and aesthetic value. They are an ideal choice for businesses and facilities looking to streamline their storage solutions while adhering to the highest standards of organization and efficiency.

Pallet Rack End Cap Pegboards Include:

(2) 16-Inch Tall Metal Pegboard End Caps x Width Needed to Match Pallet Depth (24-in, 30-in, 36-in, 42-in, or 48-in).

(4) Mounting Brackets to Attach to Teardrop Pallet Rack Beams. No Additional Hardware Required. Attaches to Pallet Racking in seconds. Easy Installation, no tools required.

Made In USA



Measure your Pallet Rack Depth / Width and order the correct corresponding Width Pallet Rack Pegboards.


Confirm that the Pallet Rack and the Pallet Rack Pegboard are the same nominal width.

Measure Pallet Rack Width  Measure Pallet Rack Pegboard Width

Confirm that the Pallet Rack is “Tear Drop” Style on 2” Centers.

 Confirm that the Pallet Rack is “Tear Drop” Style on 2” Centers

Note that the Panel has a Top and a Bottom.

Pallet Rack Pegboard End Caps 

Note that there is a Right Hand and Left Hand Hanger Bracket.

 Pegboard Mounting Bracket for Pallet Rack End Cap Pegboard Mounting Bracket for Industrial Shelving End Cap 

Read through instructions completely before starting installation.

STEP 1 – Facing the end of the Pallet Rack, position the left hand hanger bracket with it’s top edge 4” below the desired position of the top of the panel and engage the claws into the pallet rack beam teardrop openings. The two panel side tabs should be facing upward. **Note that the hanger bracket will hang loosely until the panel is installed.**

STEP 2 – Install the right hand hanger bracket in the same manner on the opposing pallet rack post at the same height as the left hand bracket.

STEP 3 – Orient end cap pegboard panel with wide horizontal flange at the top. Bring the side flange on the left side out far enough for the upward-facing bracket side tabs to slide into the two cutouts on the side flange of the panel. Repeat the process on the right side.

STEP 4 – Gently push the panel down to seat securely in the tabs.

**If mounting multiple end cap panels start with the bottom-most panel and work your way up**

Pallet Rack Pegboard Panel Pallet Racking End Caps Pegboard Storage Industrial Pallet Racking Attachments for Pegboard End Caps

Included Detailed Instructions on How to Attach Wall Control Pegboard End Caps to Pallet Racking Industrial Shelving:

 How to Attached Pegboard to Pallet Rack Industrial Shelving Unit

Attaching Pegboard End Caps to Pallet Racking Industrial Shelving Units

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Lifetime Warranty

Wall Control has designed a pallet rack metal pegboard end cap system that will last a lifetime. If you are tired of wrestling with old, ugly masonite or plastic pegboard then you have come to the right place. Wall Control's steel pegboard industrial shelving end cap design and high-strength construction allow it to perform for years upon years as your pallet racking storage accessories home base in your warehouse or shop. All Wall Control metal pegboard pallet racking end caps are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which protects against product failure and manufacturing defects, if installed and used correctly. We have engineered our metal pegboard industrial shelving end caps to last a lifetime and have backed that claim up by offering this warranty. If your Wall Control metal pegboard pallet racking end cap were to ever fail, just send it back and we will replace it. *For exclusions to this Limited Lifetime Warranty please visit our Lifetime Warranty page

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