How To Mount an Outlet Rail To Pegboard

Outlet Mounted To Pegboard

Have plenty of room to plug in tools, chargers, lights, and everything else! The outlet rail featured in this How-To is a 4 foot power strip with 12 outlets and a 6 foot long cord that will keep you plugged in. The outlet strip comes with 2 fasteners that snap onto an 8 inch Accessory Hanger (10-AH-00810-AH-008) placed at each end of the strip. This method allows the outlet strip to be easily moved and eliminates the need for any drilling.

Overview of the items used for the outlet rail installation:

Overview of Items

Attach the Outlet's brackets to the Accessory Hanger (10-AH-00810-AH-008), make sure it is put together the same way as the image below.

Attach The Bracket To Accessories Holder

Attach the Accessory Hanger (10-AH-00810-AH-008) with Outlet bracket attached to desired location on Wall Control Slotted Pegboard.

Attach To Wall Control Panel

Make sure the outlet is completely attached to the brackets.

Make Sure Bracket is Fully On


Installed Outlet


$5 Fix For Pegboard Outlet Strips

You may already have an outlet strip lying around and want a simple way to attach it to your Wall Control Metal Pegboard Panels. Well you're in luck, this is the guide for you!

For this project, you will need the following four items. We linked what we used, however, you may have some of these lying around your home or garage:

Outlet Strip
Double Sided Tape
14 Inch Acessory Hanger (10-AH-01410-AH-014)

Step 1) Collect Supplies listed above; a one-foot power strip, Double Sided Tape, a 14in Accessory Hanger (10-AH-01410-AH-014) and Scissors.

Overview of Items

Step 2) Stick the tape onto the back of the power outlet strip.

Taping Power Outlet Strip

Step 3) Cut tape when you have reached the desired length and press the tape firmly onto the power strip.

Cut the Tape

Step 4) Peel off the backing layer of the tape to reveal the other adhesive side.

Peel The Tape

Step 5) Press the accessory hanger onto the tape. Make sure you have the power strip facing the desired direction as it is hard to remove once stuck. The photo below shows the hanger in the correct upright position.

Attach The Accessory Hanger

Step 6) Attach your new Wall Control Power Strip Outlet Rail to your desired location to fulfill all of your charging needs on your Wall Control Slotted Metal Pegboard Panels!

Overview of Items