How to Mount a Computer Monitor to Pegboard

The Universal Slotted Pegboard Bracket works great for attaching just about anything to Wall Control Metal Pegboard Panels. There are several holes on the Universal Slotted Pegboard Bracket of varying sizes and shapes to accommodate multiple bolt hole styles, patterns, and sizes. The Universal Bracket's holes are perfect for mounting an endless amount of possibilities and tool storage objects to Wall Control Metal Pegboards. Simply using a Wall Control Universal Bracket and a common VERSA wall-mounted computer monitor arm we were able to mount a monitor to our pegboard panels.


The Universal Bracket (10-UMB-01010-UMB-010) and our selected wall mounted monitor arm work perfectly together. The two allow for a movable monitor mounted to Wall Control Panels.

Overview of items used:

Simply attach the monitor arm to the Universal Bracket (10-UMB-01010-UMB-010) using the screws and washers.

Attaching Wall-Mounted Monitor Arm to Universal Bracket

Mounting a Computer Monitor to Pegboard

Here is the finished product of a common wall-mounted computer monitor arm attached to Wall Control Pegboard using the Wall Control Universal Brackets (10-UMB-01010-UMB-010):

Pegboard Computer Monitor Arm Mount Installation

A situation where a modular setup is ideal is for warehouse stations, having your monitor out of the way, allowing for more workstation space.