Pegboard Mounting Screw Hole Plugs - Plastic Inserts

List Price: $9.99
Price: $4.97
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Part Number: AO-SCRWPL

Pack Includes:

(6) 1/2" Plastic Pegboard Mounting Screw Hole Plugs for Wall Control Metal Pegboard

Product Description:

  • *Available in Black or White.

These Plastic caps are a great solution for those looking to cover up the mounting screw holes on their Wall Control pegboard. The plugs simply insert into the mounting holes that are around the edges of the metal pegboard panels. All you have to do is pop them in!

*Please Note: These pegboard mounting hole plug inserts only come in Black and White as a function of our supplier. These are the only two colors produced by the supplier, which is why they are not available in all Wall Control pegboard colors at this time.



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