A Classic Tool Wall For The Photo Contest Win!

A Classic Tool Wall For The Photo Contest Win!

4th Aug 2021

Tool storage doesn't have to be complicated or cluttered. Ben shows us that with his great use of wall space. Wall Control panels are made to be modular. Each panel is either 32" or 16" wide allowing them to be stacked, mixed, and matched, as well as installed directly to 16in on center studs. If you have ever wondered what vertical panels stacked with horizontal panels looks like this is a great example.

Here are some items used in Bens set up:

Vertical Pegboard: 30-P-3216

Horizontal Pegboard: 30-P-1632

Fun Size Pegboard: 30-P-1216

6in Shelf: ASM-SH-1606

9in Shelf: ASM-SH-1609

Paper Towel Holder: ASM-SH-1694

Drill Rack: ASM-DR-314

Spray Can Holder: ASM-CH-014

3in U-Hooks: 10-UH-003

Extended Reach Hooks: 6in 10-ER-106, 9in 10-ER-004

Hanging Bins: 10-30-210