Artisan Pegboard for Jewelry Making Tools

Artisan Pegboard for Jewelry Making Tools

2nd Nov 2018

The winner of the 2018 3rd Quarter Wall Control Photo Contest is Espie with this excellent setup for Jewelry making tools, congratulations Espie!

Here Espie is using Wall Control's Black Metal Pegboards with Red Accessories to create an artisan tool storage area for a wide range of trade specific tools. One trick that is very popular with the Wall Control Spray Can Holder Assembly is to insert cups into the holes where the aerosol cans would go so that pens, pencils, and small supplies like scissors and rulers can be stored on Wall Control peg boards, just as Espie has done here. The Slotted Screw Driver Holder is also great for files and scissors as they're being stored here.

Thanks again for the great photo Espie, we hope your new storage and organization system will help keep your jewelry making space clean, organized, and efficient.

What Wall Control Products is Espie Using?

Part Number: 30-CC-200 BR - Wall Control Craft Pegboard Organizer Kit

Part Number: 30-P-3232 B - Black Metal Pegboard Pack

Part Number: ASM-CH-014 R - Red Spray Can Holder Assemblies

Part Number: ASM-SH-1606 R - Red 6 Inch Shelf Assemblies

Part Number: KT-200-DLX R - Red Deluxe Hook Assortment

Part Number: 10-30-210 R - Red Plastic Hanging Bins

Part Number: ASM-SL-008 R - Red Slotted Accessory Holder Assembly

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