Chic Home Office Organization

Chic Home Office Organization

16th Apr 2015

Congratulations to Jeni for being first winner in the Wall Control Photo Contest for 2015 with this great home office pegboard setup for her photography and crafting supplies! 

Wall Control works great for tool storage and is best know for garage organization but it also works great in the house or office thanks to the trendy, modern design and expansive versatility. Wall Control panels create chic, eclectic storage and organization with their sleek design and great color choices. Whether you want to create a rustic desk organizer workspace or an eclectic trendy wall storage area with colorful flare, our wall-mounted peg board organizers have you covered. Over the years, we have seen wonderful application pictures sent in by customers showcasing their Wall Control pegboards being used to store photography equipment, cameras, crafting supplies, yarn, ribbons, sewing supplies, and even present wrapping stations. No matter what your craft or hobby, Wall Control has a pegboard setup to make your workspace functional and fun.

What Wall Control Products is Jeni Using Here?

Part Number: 30-P-3216 G - Two Vertical Gray Metal Pegboard Panels

Part Number: ASM-HS-1694 W - White Dowel Rod Holder Assembly with Shelf

Part Number: 10-UH-003 W - White 3in Pegboard U Shaped Hooks

Part Number: 10-HM-002 W - White Medium Length Slotted Peg Hooks

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