Colorful Kitchen Peg Board Pots and Pans Rack

Colorful Kitchen Peg Board Pots and Pans Rack

19th Jan 2016

A big congratulations to Mark for being the winner of the last Wall Control Photo Contest of 2015 with this wonderful and colorful eclectic kitchen peg board image of his pots and pans wall rack!

Wall Control's wide range of kitchen pegboard colors and finishes allow the user to create a colorful pop in their kitchen to brighten up the space and make a statement with their wall-mounted storage. Kitchen Peg Board Wall Rack Sets are available in Galvanized Steel for a shiny metallic look or Powder-Coated Color Finishes and can be mixed and matched to match your kitchen or taste.

The Yellow Kitchen Peg Board Organizer used here by Mark creates a fantastic eclectic, trendy chic look but these panels can also be used to create a modern or rustic themed kitchen. Our Facebook and Pinterest pages also have lots of images to help inspire great kitchen ideas with the Wall Control system. Be like Mark and create functional, efficient and attractive wall-mounted storage out of wasted wall space in your kitchen with an easy to install Wall Control Peg Board Kitchen Rack Set.

What Wall Control Products is Mark Using Here?

Part Number: 30-KTH-200 Y - Yellow Kitchen Pegboard Organizer Pots & Pans Rack

Part Number: 30-P-3216 Y - 32in x 16in Yellow Metal Pegboard Panel

Part Number: 10-UH-003 W - White U-Shaped Steel Peg Hooks

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