Creative DIY Swinging Pegboard Panel Tool Storage

Creative DIY Swinging Pegboard Panel Tool Storage

31st Jul 2023

Our Photo Contest winner Leslie has taken the art of using pegboard to a whole new level, showcasing an inventive Do It Yourself swinging pegboard panel tool storage setup. Her ingenious use of Wall Control galvanized steel pegboard panels and traditional 1/4 Inch round peg board pegs has allowed her to craft a unique pegboard swing panel storage space, optimizing her wall area and introducing a pegboard partition between varying sets of tools. By employing a creative touch to her DIY tool storage, Leslie has designed double sided pegboard swing panels, thereby expanding her tool storage square footage extensively. Now, the same space that would typically accommodate just a couple of wall pegboards, houses six double-sided swinging pegboards, providing a plethora of tool storage alternatives.

Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboards used to create the double sided swinging pegboard partitions

The Photo Contest runner up goes to Bob’s Bookbinding Corner shown here and featuring Wall Control's White Metal Pegboards along with a really cool LED light feature framing his bookbinding supplies wall storage area. We also love the "Can't, I'm Booked" sign hanging on the wall! ;-)