Efficient Double Sided Pegboard Storage Idea

Efficient Double Sided Pegboard Storage Idea

21st May 2024

Transforming Basement Stairs with Wall Control Pegboards: Cale's Award-Winning Setup

In our latest Wall Control Photo Contest, Cale impressed us all with his creative and efficient use of Wall Control pegboards. His setup is a testament to thoughtful planning and execution, turning a basement staircase area into a highly functional storage space. Here’s a detailed look at how Cale achieved this transformation, offering insights and tips for anyone looking to optimize their workspace with Wall Control.

Loaded Up Pegboard Wall  Two Double Sided Pegboards Under Basement Stairs

Efficient Use of Space with Wall Control Pegboards

Cale utilized (24) white 32”x16” pegboard panels and (8) white 12”x16” pegboard panels, strategically mounted on the studs of his basement stairs. Here are the key considerations he took into account during the planning and execution phases:

Maximizing Wall Coverage

The installation spans 9 feet tall by 140 inches wide. To achieve complete coverage, Cale added 3/4” x 12” plywood to one end, painting it white to blend seamlessly. This not only enhanced the aesthetic but also allowed the incorporation of a 20-amp electrical outlet for a battery charging station, complete with battery holders

Ensuring Secure and Flat Panel Mounting

The original 20-year-old studs were no longer straight. To facilitate easy mounting, Cale attached an extra 2x4 to each existing stud. Washers were used as shims behind the panels in some areas to ensure the wall was flush, making panel installation and hardware mounting straightforward.

Optimal Lighting Solutions

To eliminate shadows caused by shelving overhangs, Cale installed adhesive-backed COB LED light strips under each shelf assembly. He routed 18 AWG wiring up the center of the pegboard wall and used small terminal blocks to maintain modularity. The lighting system, connected to a motion sensor switch, provides automatic illumination, while a Phillips Hue battery-powered button allows for manual control. This setup ensures excellent visibility of tools and supplies, enhancing overall efficiency.

Utilizing Both Sides of the Wall

With access to both sides of approximately half of the pegboard wall, Cale maximized his storage options. This design consideration makes dual-sided access highly advantageous compared to traditional drywall or plywood setups.

Supporting Quality Manufacturing

Cale values the durability and quality of Wall Control products, noting the USA-made excellence and reliable powder coating. He has made minor adjustments to bracket support tabs using Knipex pliers wrenches with plastic jaw protectors to maintain the integrity of the powder coating.

Future Enhancements

Cale plans to add another row of pegboard shelves at the top of the setup. He has prepared additional light strips and a higher output power supply for this expansion, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement and optimization.

Honoring Our Runner-Up: Dorothy's Lawn and Garden Tool Organization

Beautiful Lawn and Garden Tool Pegboard Storage Organization

Our runner-up, Dorothy, also showcased an inspiring use of Wall Control pegboards with her beautiful lawn and garden tool storage and organization setup. Her system is not only visually appealing but also highly functional, ensuring that all her tools are easily accessible and well-organized.

Final Thoughts

Cale’s setup, alongside Dorothy’s impressive organization, showcases the versatility and efficiency of Wall Control pegboards, providing practical examples of how to maximize storage space and improve workshop and garden organization. Their thoughtful approaches and attention to detail make these projects inspiring models for others.

For more ideas and inspiration on transforming your workspace, explore our Wall Control Photo Contest Blog and see how other enthusiasts are utilizing Wall Control products.

If you have any questions or need further information about Cale's or Dorothy's setups, or Wall Control products, feel free to contact us. Thank you for joining us in celebrating innovative and efficient storage solutions!