Easy Garage Pegboard Tool Storage

Easy Garage Pegboard Tool Storage

6th Aug 2019

Congratulations to Gus for being the winner of the most recent Wall Control Photo Contest with this fantastic Garage Tool Storage Pegboard setup!

You can find a use for Wall Control Pegboard in any room in the house but there's a reason garage organization is one of the most popular uses for Wall Control. There's something about a tidy garage that makes you feel good and ready to work on a new project. Wall Control has a wide variety of accessories to store any piece of equipment or tool so you can keep everything tidy and at your fingertips. It is also made of steel and has either a heavy duty galvanized or powder coated finish making it durable enough to stand up to all of your projects and can handle extreme and wet climates.

What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Gus Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3216 GV - Galvanized Metal Pegboard Panels

Part Number: 30-GS-0332 GV - Galvanized Pegboard Strip

Part Number: 10-HL-102 B - Long Reach Hooks

Part Number: 10-ER-106 B - 6 Inch Extended Reach Hooks

Part Number: 10-UH-003 B - 3-Inch U-Hooks

Part Number: 10-HH-2050 B - 1-1/4 Inch Handle Bracket