Gaming Pegboard Platform with LED Light Desk Organization

Gaming Pegboard Platform with LED Light Desk Organization

4th Jan 2021

David tricked out his office desk gaming pegboard platform with Wall Control and LED lights for an awesome effect and a handy storage solution. Wall Control is great for gaming platform desk storage and organization as well as creating amazing LED backlit pegboard gaming stations. Gaming pegboard like this can also add some style and personality to an otherwise ordinary space. Shop form Wall Controls wide assortment of colors or add your own like David using RGB LED Lights!

Want a Gaming Pegboard Set-up like David?

Vertical 32" x 16" Pegboard Panels: 30-P-3216

9-inch Shelves: ASM-SH-1609

Plastic Hanging Bins14-inch Bin Hanger10-30-210 and 10-AH-014

RGB LED Lights* - You can find out How-To Guide for adding lights to your panels here!

*we do not make or sell these lights, this is a completely DIY project for the customer. We have this simple guide based on our own experimentation but feel free to adapt to fit your own space and preferences.