Garage Hangout With Ultimate Pegboard Workbench

Garage Hangout With Ultimate Pegboard Workbench

10th Jul 2020

Announcing Jared as the 2020 Q1 Quarterly Photo Contest Winner! Jared won with his Pegboard Workbench and Garage. The classic and clean workbench stole the show and we can't think of a better combo than a tidy Wall Control workbench, sports on the screen, and a retro Coke machine. Make your garage your favorite room in the house with Wall Control!

What to use for a set up like Jareds:

Horizontal Black Pegboard Panels - 30-HP-1632 B

Curved Tip Hooks - 10-HZ-103

Long Reach Hooks - 10-HL-102

Screw Driver Holder - ASM-SD-008

3in U-Hooks - 10-UH-003

Spray Can Holder - ASM-CH-014

Plastic Hanging Bins - 10-30-210

9 Inch Shelf - ASM-SH-1609

Magnetic LED Light Bar - AO-LEDLIGHT-W