Home Garage Bike Shop Pegboard Workstation

Home Garage Bike Shop Pegboard Workstation

13th Jul 2020

Jason won the most recent Quarterly Photo Contest! He built a custom counter top and paired it with Wall Control Panels to build a professional quality bike shop in the comfort of his own home!

Wall Control is great for storing all the little tools needed for a bike shop workstation. Add a sweet custom countertop and you'll never want to leave your workshop. Unless, of course, you're riding your bike.

How to get a set up like Jason:

Vertical Gray Wall Control Pegboards - 30-P-3216

Standard Hooks - 10-HS-001

Medium Hooks - 10-HM-002

Long Reach Hooks - 10-HL-102

3 Inch U-Hooks - 10-UH-003

1x1 Inch C-Bracket - 10-CB-0112x2 Inch C-Bracket - 10-CB-022

Spray Can Holder - ASM-CH-014

6in Shelf - ASM-SH-1606Shelf Guard - 10-LP-1406

9in Shelf ASM-SH-1609Shelf Guard - 10-LP-1409

9 Inch Shelf Dividers - 10-DV-009