Home Gym Equipment Storage Photo Contest Winner

Home Gym Equipment Storage Photo Contest Winner

8th Oct 2021

Steel pegboard for pumping iron. Wall Control is perfect for workout gym equipment storage with strength that lasts. Use Wall Control Metal Pegboard and Accessories to hang cable machine attachments, battle ropes, bands, barbell clamps, and more! It's the ultimate gym organization solution for home gyms, studio gyms, group fitness classes, and even big box gyms.

What you need for a set up like Matthew:

Galvanized Vertical Pegboard: 30-GP-3216

Medium Hooks: 10-HM-002

Long Reach Hooks: 10-HL-102

Curved Tip Hooks: 10-HZ-103

6in Extended Reach Hooks: 10-ER-106

3in U-Hooks: 10-UH-003

For more tips on getting your home gym or fitness equipment organized with Wall Control. Checkout this great video by our friend Adam from Garage Gym Lab: