IV Hook - Pivoting Hook IV Bag Hook Holder - Closet Clothing Bag Holder Hook IV-350-700 W

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IV-350-700 W
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The Pivot hook (or IV Hook) offers a wide range of applications due to its ability to rotate and lock out of the way when not in use. Originally designed for the medical industry, the IV-350 IV Bag Hook Pivoting Hook is manufactured with a powder-coated steel wall bracket and a stainless steel pivoting hook to prevent corrosion. The IV Hook Pivot Hook also incorporates Nylon bushings in the wall bracket which allows smooth hook rotation. The strength and versatility of the all steel IV-350 Pivot Hook makes it ideal for the health care industry, the hotel/motel industry, or the home closet. The Pivot Hook installs easily and mounts directly to the wall.

The IV Bag Hook eliminates the need for bulky IV Pole Stands and creates safer and more efficient health care facilities. In many environments an IV Pole Stand can be replaced with a space saving, easily installed, Wall mounted IV Bag Hook. With IV Hooks mounted in several key Health Care locations (bed side, restrooms, designated IV drip areas such as Cancer Treatment Clinics) the patient can simply carry their IV drip bag from IV Hook to IV Hook without having to push or pull a bulky and cumbersome IV Stand. In addition to the convenience the IV Hook creates for patients, Medical Personnel will no longer trip and stumble around IV Stands that always seem to be in the way. Simplify your medical facility with the IV Hook.

The IV Hook for Covid-19 Response in Emergency Rooms and Field Hospitals Due to the easy installation and small space requirements for use, the Wall Control IV Hook has been a go-to for overcrowded emergency room hallways and temporary field hospitals. The IV Hooks can easily be installed in pop-up field hospitals or emergency rooms and then uninstalled and moved elsewhere as needs require and shift. We are proud to be a small part in the fight against the Coronavirus with our Made in USA IV Hook.

IV Hook Installation in Rhode Island Field Hospital

Qty: 1 Assembly Per Package

Mounting Hardware and Instructions Included

Please Note: IV Hooks Mount Directly to Walls. IV Hooks DO NOT Attach to Wall Control Panels.


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