Kids Peg Board Workbench for Children

Kids Peg Board Workbench for Children

30th Jul 2018

Congratulations to Remi for being the winner of the 2018 2nd Quarter Wall Control Pegboard Photo Contest with the most adorable kids peg board setup we've seen so far!

Wall Control Tool Organizers aren't just for adults, they also work great for kids who want to work with their hands and step away from the TV, iPad, and video game console for a little while. There is a growing number of older children and youth out there who are interested in woodworking, DIY projects, and becoming "makers" just like their parents and role models. Start them young with a basic tool set and a Wall Control kids pegboard tool organizer and as they grow up, they'll know how to work with their hands to fix, appreciate, and create real, tangible things, how great is that!

Wall Control's wall-mounted pegboard organizers for kids rooms, classrooms, and older children's play areas have grown in popularity over the years and we are happy to see that because it means the next generation of do'ers, DIY'ers, and Makers are being trained and their parent's skills are being passed down for the next generation.

Congratulations and thanks again to Remi for sending in this adorable photo of a junior maker hard at work! We look forward to seeing the creations that come from this workbench in the future.

What Wall Control Products is Francois Using?

Part Number: 30-HP-3216 R - Red Horizontal Metal Pegboard 16 Inch x 32 Inch

Part Number: ASM-SD-008 BU - Blue Screw Driver Holders

Part Number: 10-HH-2050 BU - Blue Hammer Holders

Part Number: 10-HL-102 BU - Blue Long Reach Slotted Hook

Part Number: 10-CB-022 BU - Blue C-Brackets

Part Number: 10-HZ-102 BU - Blue Curved Tip-Hooks

Part Number: 10-AH-008 BU - Blue 8in Slotted Accessory Holder

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