Neat & Tidy Pegboard Garage Organization

Neat & Tidy Pegboard Garage Organization

18th Jul 2017

The winner of the 2017 2nd Quarter Wall Control Photo Contest is Janice with this fantastic picture of her Wall Control garage storage pegboard setup!

Wall Control Metal Peg Board was made for garage storage and organization. Over the years Wall Control has expanded this wall-mounted organizational system to virtually ever room in the home, office and shop but it all started in the garage with common household tools. Wall Control Pegboard is great for hanging rakes, shovels, brooms, garden spades, hedge trimmers, mops, hoes, garden trimmers, and much, much more. The heavy-duty Wall Control pegboard panels are also great for dirty garden tools because unlike traditional hardboard, pressboard, and Masonite peg-board, Wall Control metal panels can easily be wiped clean with a damp rag to look good as new without warping or fraying like a Masonite pegboard would do if it was wiped clean with a moist rag.

What Wall Control Products is Janice Using Here?

Part Number: 30-P-3232 W - White Metal Pegboard Panel Packs

Part Number: 10-HM-002 W - White 2 Inch Medium Peg Hooks

Part Number: 10-HH-2050 W - White Handle Hanger Brackets

Part Number: 10-ER-106 W - White 6 Inch Extended Reach Hooks

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