Rock Climbing and Camping Gear Pegboard Organization

Rock Climbing and Camping Gear Pegboard Organization

17th Apr 2019

Congratulations to Noel for being the winner of the most recent Wall Control Photo Contest with this awesome pegboard setup organizing her rock climbing gear!

Noel is using Wall Controls black metal pegboards and accessories. If you rock climb, camp, or do any number of outdoor activities odds are you've got bags and boxes full of gear. Wall Control Pegboard is perfect for keeping all of your rock climbing and camping equipment stored and organized while using that empty wall space. Use wall Control for your gear so you can get to it quickly for your next adventure!

What Wall Control pegboard products is Noel using?

Part Number: 30-P-3216 B - Black Metal Pegboard Panels

Part Number: ASM-SH-1612 B - Black 12 in Shelf Assembly

Part Number: 10-HM-002 B - Black Medium Hooks

Part Number: 10-ER-106 B - Black 6 in Extended Reach Hooks

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