Toy Room Disney Costume Collection Display and Storage

Toy Room Disney Costume Collection Display and Storage

29th Apr 2021

Beth and her son have a great keepsake / toy storage display for all of his Disney costumes. Each character / movie has its own wall storage section! He has been using Wall Control to store his toys in his playroom since he was 4! Just goes to show how easy our wall storage and organization system is to use, even for young children and their toy collections. Everyone needs a good way to store their capes, helmets, shields, light sabers, and Star Wars wookiee masks.

We have listed below some of the products Beth used for their toy storage system:

Vertical Pegboard: 30-P-3216 (the foundation of your masterpiece)

Handle Holders: 10-HH-205010-HH-3050 (great for storing your swords!)

Basic Hooks (Standard, Medium, and Long Reach): 10-HS-00110-HM-00210-HL-102 (good all purpose hooks)

U-Hooks: 10-UH-003 10-UH-404 (Nerf guns at your service)

90 Degree Hook: 10-HM-R02 (Holding those shields in)