Slotted Only Galvanized ToolBoard Wall Panel 8in Tall x 32in Wide - Metallic

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10-GP-0832 GV
8 Inch
32 Inch
Galvanized - Metallic
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Part Number: 10-GP-0832 GV


(1) 8in Tall x 32in Wide Slotted Only Toolboard Wall Panel - Metallic Galvanized

Mounting Hardware and Instructions Included. Mounting hardware consists of (4) #12 Screws & (4) Drywall Anchors

*For mounting into concrete, we would recommend using Blue TapCon screws or equivalent*


Wall Control Slotted Pegboard Tool Board Panels were designed for a sleek, elegant, and high-end chic appearance. These top quality slotted toolboard panels are great in the home because their elegant lines mesh well with indoor décor. Wall Control slotted metal pegboard panels are very popular in the kitchen, office, or mud room where clean lines and a clean appearance is paramount.

Wall Control Slotted Only Metal Pegboard Panels and Slotted Tool Boards only accept Wall Control’s Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, and Slotted Tool Board Accessories and Supplies.

This attractive, metallic slotted panel works great in the garage, shop, kitchen, office, closet, or craft room. Thanks to the Wall Control pegboard modular design, you can expand your storage area as time and budget allow.

These slotted only tool board panels are also magnetic, so your magnets will adhere to them as well as magnetic tool organizers.

Installation is simple due to the Wall Control metal pegboard return flange which securely spaces the panel face off the wall or stud requiring no additional framework or peg hole for metal pegboard mounting

Wall Control Slotted Pegboard Products are Made in the USA


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Lifetime Warranty

Wall Control has designed a metal pegboard system that will last a lifetime. If you are tired of wrestling with old, ugly masonite or plastic pegboard then you have come to the right place. Wall Control's metal pegboard and slotted tool board design and high-strength construction allow it to perform for years upon years as your wall storage center home base. All Wall Control metal pegboard products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which protects against product failure and manufacturing defects, if installed and used correctly. We have engineered our metal pegboard products to last a lifetime and have backed that claim up by offering this warranty. If your Wall Control metal pegboard or slotted tool board were to ever fail, just send it back and we will replace it. *For exclusions to this Limited Lifetime Warranty please visit our Lifetime Warranty page

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