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Socket Straps are designed with an 8 Socket or Tool Storage Capacity and Measure 8.31 in (211 mm) long. Socket Straps are a premium quality product designed to magnetically and securely hold sockets, socket drivers, ratchets, extensions and tools keeping them within reach and mount magnetically to Wall Control Pegboard Panels. The strong magnets are lined and protected with a durable urethane rubber shell that is resistant to harmful chemicals like brake cleaner. The flexible urethane rubber won't scratch and is easy to clean. The Socket Strap is compact and easily portable and the heavy-duty magnets are able to withstand bumping and jostling and even transit for portal tool storage while holding on tight to your tools so you can be confident in taking it with you anywhere! The socket strap has a versatile design that is ideal for holding sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and more keeping sockets and tools from rolling around underfoot and across the driveway or garage floor.

Easily store your standard SAE or metric ratchets, extensions, and sockets on Socket Straps. Socket Straps work great for magnetically storing and organizing the following on Wall Control pegboard:

Magnetic SAE 1/4" Drive Socket Holder
Magnetic SAE 3/8" Drive Socket Holder
Magnetic SAE 1/2" Drive Socket Holder

Magnetic Metric 1/4" Drive Socket Holder
Magnetic Metric 3/8" Drive Socket Holder
Magnetic Metric 1/2" Drive Socket Holder

Additionally, Any metal hand tool that can attach or adhere to a magnet will work with Socket Straps on Wall Control Metal Pegboard such as pliers, wrenches, scissors, pruning shears, just to name a few tools and accessories that are easily stored by Socket Straps. 

Premium Quality Product Made in the USA

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