The First Pegboard Photo Contest Winner!

The First Pegboard Photo Contest Winner!

27th Jan 2015

Congratulations to Mark on being the first winner of the Wall Control Photo Contest with this amazing picture of his awesome peg board tool storage setup! What a fantastic photo to kick off the Wall Control Photo Contest! 

Mark has utilized a lot of Wall Control's Red Metal Pegboards and Shiny Galvanized Steel Peg Boards to create an awesome, custom looking workspace that all ties together on theme! One of the best things about Wall Control's line of products is the ability to create themed workspaces like this! It doesn't require a custom budget to create a custom work space when using Wall Control's patented metal peg-board tool storage system. Mixing and matching panel and hook colors is a fantastic way to create a tool storage and organization area that is tailored to your own personal tastes and interests, whether it is a favorite sports team, school, or brand you're trying to build your theme around, Wall Control has a metal pegboard and accessory color combination to help you create the look and feel you're after with your wall mounted tool storage system.

What Wall Control Products is Mark Using Here?

Part Number: 30-GP-3216 GV - Galvanized Steel Pegboard Panels

Part Number: 30-P-3216 R - Red Powder Coated Metal Pegboard Panels

Part Number: ASM-SH-1609 - 9 Inch Deep Shelf Assemblies

Part Number: ASM-SH-1606 - 6 Inch Deep Shelf Assemblies

Part Number: 10-DV-009 B - Black Metal Pegboard Adjustable Shelf Dividers

Part Number: 10-30-210 R - Red Plastic Stackable Bins

Part Number: KT-400-WRK - Workstation Hook Accessory Kit

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