The Ultimate Adventure Set Up Wins!

The Ultimate Adventure Set Up Wins!

11th Apr 2022

Gear that works hard needs a good home and Will's epic outdoor gear collection lives on Wall Control!

Stay ready for the next adventure. Gear and equipment organization has never been easier! Store backpacks, helmets, electronics, ropes, harnesses, rock climbing gear, snowshoes, life vests, small accessories, and more! If you like hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, kayaking, skiing, or any other outdoor sport/activity this is for you.

For a storage system like Will check out these products:

Vertical 32"x16" Metal Pegboard: 30-P-3216

Extended Reach Hooks: 6in 10-ER-106, 9in 10-ER-004

Curve Tip Hooks: 10-HZ-103

Basic Hooks: Standard 10-HS-001, Medium 10-HM-002, Long Reach 10-HL-102

Shelves: 4in ASM-SH-1604, 6in ASM-SH-1606, 9in ASM-SH-1609, 12in ASM-SH-1612